Positivity Appeals to Positive People

When we are positive toward others, they respond kindly.  Positivity builds beautiful bonds, cements friendships, and bursts with wonderful feelings.

For instance, smiling and laughing throughout the day sounds and looks like a kitten that purrs nonstop.  What a beautiful energy.  And, oh, does laughter feel good for the person who releases it.

I once babysat two cats.  One cat purred nonstop.  It was the cat everyone loved.  It’s so easy and blissful to be that cat.  Just smile and laugh all day, even if it feels forced.  Feeling that laughter gently massages our heart and tummy and delights all those around us.

To be sure, I once had a colleague who giggled all day, at least a hundred times a day.  I didn’t understand why she did that, until I tried it myself.  It feels heavenly to laugh! Laughter lets the spirit free.  And laughter draws others into our hearts.

Another way to build bonds through positivity is to try not to take anything personally and don’t anger.  It’s the people with the brightest smiles and warmest eyes who climb the highest, at least in a corporate setting.

Also, be generous.  Sending someone a gift, especially a homemade one, says, “I love you!” Two souls intertwine when sharing gifts that develop the soul, or that demonstrate beauty, or that help build dreams, or that foster any positive trait.

Another means to build bonds is through sharing jokes.  Humor reduces tension and stress.  But if we’re not funny, we can at least share a smile or warm laugh with others.  Humor is another way to draw positive people into our circle of love.  For example, I recently made a friend with a woman who had multiple near death experiences.  I just love her energy and spirituality, and she loves mine.  When I talk with her on text, I feel a suffocating hug from nowhere that fills me with joy.  My friend calls it a hug from God.  And many other spiritual events seem to occur when I speak with her.  Drawing positive friends into our lives begets even more positive energy.

Also, to build bonds through positivity, see everyone as a beloved friend.  See the sheer beauty of every living thing, enjoying the sounds and existences of even our tiniest friends, the insects.  Relish in the purrs and calls of the geese.  Celebrate everyone’s existence and be blissfully in love with the beauty of everyone, even our enemies.  Loving others is more delicious than a calorie-free hot fudge brownie sundae drenched in strawberry whipped cream.

Additionally, expect nothing from anyone.  Don’t blame a soul.  Never hold a grudge.  But give everything.  This makes us prime targets for the richest of relationships.

And if we ever get hit by tragedy, stay clear of the darkness.  Seek the higher ground—the light.  The healthier and more positive we are during hardships, the easier it is to reach the heights.  Plus, doing the right thing, although it may seem hard, is the most rewarding thing we could ever do—for ourselves and for many others, some of whom we may never meet.

Marie Well submits two articles like clockwork every week, giving advice on developing positive habits whether for in life or for academics.  And I’ll admit that some of these articles, though well-written, just don’t resonate with me.  They do, however, resonate with students.  Marie had the highest number of articles recommended by different Voice Readers.  This one, from mid-May, was her most frequently recommended, and so now resides in the Best of The Voice for 2021.