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More than one way to approach AU studies.  A funded student is curious about how students manage to complete one course per month without jeopardizing their funding status, and dozens of students quickly reply with their experiences.


We’ll stick with our cold climate, thanks.  A discussion in the #general channel highlights the (lack of) pandemic safety measures from student witnesses.


Follow the yellow-brick road.  A student seeks advice after misunderstanding the steps required for a student funding application; others respond with potential (but not guaranteed) options.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “If you’re feeling depressed, angry, stressed, fearful, anxious, or alone, have your student ID number handy and call the Homewood Health Hotline for free professional support for all @AthabascaU students. #auhelps #homewoodhealth #ausu #igotoau.”  (1-800-663-1142)