Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

You’d almost think we were making these up (we’re not), but January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day.  Truly.  A good opportunity to learn all about the furry critters, and delve into some interesting articles from The Voice‘s vault.

Everything sounds like a bear when you’re lost in the woods.  Nola Newitt and her family get closer to nature than they planned.  “Realizing we were in bear country, we tried to make as much noise as we could. Still, we were a little nervous and the moment we heard rustling in the bush we both jumped…”  Northern Saskatchewan: A Fun and Affordable Holiday Destination, August 14, 2002..

How do you like your squirrel?  Busby LeClair attempts to keep up to the Joneses next door, grill for grill.  “Standing on tiptoe and peering through a gap in my living room vertical blinds, I can’t help but notice that the Appliance World delivery van had backed into my neighbour’s driveway. Alright, I say to myself, the conflict has escalated.”  Barbecue Wars, February 9, 2005.