How to Be an Ultimate Female Valentine

If you have an angel who loves you unconditionally, who’d do anything to keep you safe, who bursts with infinite joy at every good deed you do, and who weeps with you and holds you during your every heartache, wouldn’t you feel truly loved and understood?

To become the ultimate Valentine, it’s time to become that unconditionally loving angel—to your life partner.

But why listen to me?  I’ve been studying relationships and marriage principles from The Marriage Foundation for five to twenty minutes every day for the last four years.  I spent around a thousand dollars on their courses and books.  I am about to take their certification in relationship coaching, once their marriage counseling program becomes available.  And I also rank high on love as a character trait.

But most of all, I want you to experience life-long, ever-increasing love and happiness with your Valentine.  After all, I believe everyone’s biggest purpose on earth is to learn how to love others unconditionally.

With that said, here are some ways you as a woman can make yourself the ultimate Valentine from what I’ve learned at The Marriage Foundation:

Smile at your Valentine non-stop.  Never complain to him.  Never nag him.  Never criticize him.  Never tease him.  Never confront him on any issue.  Only dwell on his strengths.

Don’t have male friends.  Not a single one.  Male friendships signal trouble.  These types of friendships easily go down the wrong path, which can destroy all hopes for a happy marriage.

If your Valentine is your husband, never withhold his desire for intimacy from him.  If withheld too long, it can crush his self-esteem.  If he’s not yet your husband, try to wait until you are married before getting physically intimate.  Sexual intimacy before marriage can cause many serious issues, such as possible pregnancy from a male you may not want as a life partner.

Never allow a negative thought about your Valentine enter your mind, not even for a second.  Instead, replace all negativity with thoughts of how much you love and admire him.  If you can, allow no negative thoughts about anyone to enter your mind.

Act as excited and as eager to please him as you were when you first courted him, only put more love and more effort into your revived courting with each passing day.  Make sure you look your best.  Give him 1000% of your heart.  Do only beautiful things that make him smile and feel great about himself.

If he gets upset with you, don’t react.  Just shower him with even more love and joy.

And best of all, give him every bit of positivity you’ve got, which is truly infinite.  But expect nothing in return.  That, you special, ultimate Valentine, is the meaning of unconditional love.