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Overlapping Degrees  A student wonders if it’s possible to start a Masters program while still finishing off the undergraduate degree. Students respond noting that the program can’t be entered, but the graduate level courses can be taken as a non-program student, but that probably wouldn’t qualify for funding.


DegreeWorks Difficulties People are noticing difficulties with the DegreeWorks system crashing while entering their plans and losing all the information within.  Solutions suggested included saving often and simply not using DegreeWorks, and doing the plan on paper instead.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Out Now! Episode Four of Keeping up with Karen!

Vice-President External Karen Fletcher interviews Eva Embree who is a student councillor as well as one of the undergraduate winners of Athabasca University’s research conference in 2021.

@AthabascaU tweets: As part of our ongoing effort to support mental health and wellness, and to recognize the impact the pandemic is having on our learners, AU is temporarily allowing a flexible grading option for one course per academic year.