Don’t Quit

Avoid the disease of quitting.  Let’s face it, when you start out on a goal, there’s going to be resistance, no matter if you’re at the top of your field or living on the streets.  No matter where you are in life, you have the ability to win big—if you don’t quit.

eIt can take hundreds of failures before the big success occurs.  Each time you fail, you learn a lesson that is meant for you to grow, bringing you a step closer to your dream.  You win by picking yourself up and trying again, this time a little wiser.  But the moment you quit, you’ve lost.  So, don’t quit.

Success requires a rough climb up a steep, scary hill.  It doesn’t come easy.  It takes perseverance.  It comes with snake pits and dark moments, but you are meant to trudge through them all with a smile on your face.  No matter how dark and lonely it may get, don’t quit.

Everything worthwhile takes great effort and care.  To reach your dream, take it very much to heart; nurture it with all you’ve got.  Take great care of your dreams and don’t quit.

You have something special to offer this world.  For the world to truly benefit from it, you must succeed.  So, don’t quit.  Others need you to succeed, even if just for you to serve as an inspiration.

You may be failing at a dream because you haven’t tweaked the right variable.  Perhaps you want to get a science degree, but keep struggling at science, when, in fact, you’re meant to be a psychologist.  Don’t end up a B-student scientist; become that world renowned psychologist.  Tweak the variables and don’t quit.

Even if you lack the skills to succeed, you can still acquire them—if you refuse to quit.  Even if you seem hopeless, you can still try and try again until you reach that turning point where you skyrocket.  Have faith in your limitless potential, and don’t quit.

If you form a goal and you get tired, don’t quit.  Quitting becomes a habit, like a disease.  In reality, everything you do has some resistance.  If you get a few math problems wrong, don’t see it as the end of your math.  Keep working at it.  Weightlifters, after 40 years of lifting weights, still get sore.  But they get the gains.  And then you get those highs.

If you have a goal, you are not meant to quit.  You’ll never grow if you quit all the time.  Sticking to a goal will help you improve and develop resilience.  You will never grow if everything you try comes easy.  Resilience comes from overcoming resistance, whether it be criticisms, financial issues, health issues, or other obstacles.

A single-minded focus will accelerate your goal achievement.  And once you achieve one goal, you can focus on the next one.  To grow at hyper speed, get hyper-focused and don’t quit.

Expect the naysayers.  It’s like when you go to the store, and a thunderstorm and big wind comes along, but it doesn’t stop you from going to the store.  When faced with naysayers, don’t quit.

No matter what obstacles you face, you have unlimited potential.  If you don’t quit, you’ll come closer to realizing your true potential.

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