Homemade is Better—Chicken Caesar Wrap

Sometimes I feel like we just need a quick meal; this was one of those recipes. It was a later night; we were hungry, and I tried to come up with something fast. I grabbed some chicken strips from the store and baked them in the oven. Meanwhile, I grabbed tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, and Caesar dressing. After all, it was a Caesar night in our house and you can see my article on making a Caesar beverage.

I’m watching a very delayed Olympic Hockey game with Team Canada vs Team ROC as I write this. I usually like to make quick meals when we have a busy day, and one child goes one way while another one goes another way. Sometimes we just get to dinner later than we should; my wife might be delayed at work, and the kids want to wait to eat, or we’re all just tired. I know many people can relate. Like this week’s article, this is a quick meal, and it can be served with fries or salad.

Caesar Chicken Wrap


2 Chicken strips
1 Wrap
2 TBSP Lettuce – shredded
2 slices of Tomato
Cheddar cheese – shredded
1 TBSP Caesar dressing

  • Bake the chicken strip as per the instructions.
  • Layout the flour wrap place the dressing on it.
  • Lay in the tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese.
  • Place the chicken strips on top.
  • Fold two sides about ¼ of the way over, then fold the bottom halfway up.
  • Pull towards yourself and roll forward.
  • Cut in half and enjoy.
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