Dear Barb—Baby Clothes

Dear Barb:

My boyfriend and I had a baby girl a few months ago.  We are living with my mom and her boyfriend.  My boyfriend Jeff wants us to move out into our own place, but I don’t want to, as my mom has a big house with lots of room.  Jeff and I have not completed high school and are both working at low paying jobs.  I want to go to university and if we move out I know I will not be able to afford it.  Jeff is adamant and he says if I don’t move out with him, he will move out on his own.  I feel like I’m in a difficult position and I really want to make the right decision, not only for us but also for our daughter.  What would you say is the right thing to do? I definitely need some assistance.  Thanks, Olivia. 

Hi Olivia:

Congrats on the birth of your daughter.  You are in a difficult position, and I am assuming you are both quite young, which makes it even harder.  Your focus is good.  Getting a university education is essential if you want to have a good paying job with a future.  Your boyfriend is more focused on what he wants right now, which is not the best choice for your family’s future.  My advice would be to let your boyfriend go if that is what he wants.  Your boyfriend can still remain a part of you and your daughter’s life.  He may eventually change his mind and realize this is not the best course of action and move back in.  Thanks for writing, and good luck in the future.

Dear Barb:

I work in an office environment and one of our coworkers always wears revealing clothes.  Her tops are low cut and very tight.  She wears tight skirts and can hardly sit down.  She is a friendly person, and everyone likes her, but I just do not feel her attire is appropriate for work.  Am I being too critical?  Should a person wear whatever they want to work?  Jocelyn

Hey Jocelyn:

It depends on what type of impression you want to make in the workplace.  If you want to be taken seriously at work, then dressing for a nightclub is not going to achieve that.  Women and men both need to be careful of their necklines.  It is not appropriate for a woman to wear a low-cut top, or a man to leave his shirt open so his chest hairs are protruding.  When you are talking with a client, you want their eyes to meet yours not checking out what’s below.  So, no I don’t think you are being too critical, but it is not your place to mention this, that will be her supervisor’s role.  Thanks for addressing this issue.