Editorial—We Need You

If you’re not aware, many of the regular writers you read here at The Voice Magazine are actually graduates of AU. No longer active undergraduate students themselves, they still try to keep in touch with the student body and write articles they hope will be appealing or helpful to students like you.

But for this magazine to really reflect what’s going on with those of you taking your undergraduate degrees at AU, we actually need you, the current undergraduate students, to take the time and bring your ideas and opinions into the mix here.  After all, it can be hard for non-students to keep up on the news that really effects you.  What’s going on with the tuition increase, for example.  What kind of things is your student’s union doing, and are they any good or just a waste of time?

What courses are great to take if you need a GPA booster, and what do you want to avoid unless you really absolutely must take it?

What’s your take, the student take, on the faculty strikes in Lethbridge, or the risk that something similar may end up happening here at AU some point in the future?  How is COVID, or the truckers protests, or your provincial student loans program affecting your AU education and do you think it’d be better or worse if you were in a traditional, brick and mortar university?  Been job hunting lately?  What have the reactions been like when they see AU on your resume?

If you’re a student who takes advantage of AUSU services, why not write something up to share your experiences with other students?  We’re also looking for students to take on our Course Review column, something that can not only help you get some connections within AU, but is really valued by Voice readers, according to the stats.

These are the kind of questions that I’d like to see answered in The Voice Magazine, but to do that, I need students like you to participate.  And to encourage that, AUSU granted me leave to give current students a small bonus on the usual pay of any articles we publish.  So if any of this interests you, why not contact me at voice@voicemagazine.org and I’d be happy to help you get started.

Afraid you just don’t have the skills to write a decent article?  No worries, you’re not alone, and part of what I’m supposed to do is make sure you gain those skills.  The writing part we can work on together, but what I really need is your ideas and your content.

Take this issue, for instance, we’ve got some great content in an interview with Grace Nelson.  A first “year” AU student who, so far, is having a blast with the freedom AU allows her.  We’ve also got a relatively timely look at the connections between convoys, protests, gender, and how education fits in to the whole mess.  We round that out with some advice on steps you should take if you’re absolutely devoted to success. Not to mention scholarships, music reviews, events and more.

It’s an eclectic selection of content I’d never be able to come up with on my own, and it can only be made better if I get people like you helping to come up with even more.

Enjoy the read!