The Reading List—February 2022

Happy February!  We’re already more than a month into 2022 with many of us continuing our winter courses and also looking forward to doing more outdoor activity with the warmer weather.  Where I’m living, the weather has been warming up, but I do see the cold weather returning within a week!  I’ve personally spent the month doing research and work and hoping for warm weather so I can do lots of outdoor activities with my new puppy!  Whatever you may be up to, don’t forget to take some me time, whether it is resting or grabbing one of the recommended reads for February!

Apples Never Fall by Liane Moriarty

Apples Never Fall is a novel that examines marriage, siblings, and family, and how those who are the closest to us and those who we love the most can sometimes be the ones that can hurt us the most.  The story delves into Delaney’s family, who love each other more than anything, however, like all families, they have problems and arguments.  There are moments they want to kill each other.  What would you do if your mother suddenly went missing and the primary suspect is your father?  A recommended read for everyone!

Good Girl Complex by Elle Kennedy

The story is about a girl, Mackenzie Cabot, also known as Mac, and she is a people pleaser to everyone.  Whether that is her demanding parents, classmates from school, or her boyfriend.  However, sometimes this can be quite exhausting always following everyone’s rules except your own.  Mac has a dream of growing an internet business though her parents want her to pursue a college degree first.  Mac is quite experienced with suppressing her wild side until she meets Cooper Hartley, the total opposite to her, he is honest, straightforward, and a bad boy.  Through their friendship, Mac realizes something she never realized before.

Impossible to Forget by Imogen Clark

A wish that brings five individuals together, this is what Impossible to Forget is about.  Romany just turned eighteen when a tragic incident happens to her mother, Angie, the last family member that she has.  To help Romany live her life without Angie, Angie put her four closest friends a mission of helping Romany through the last year of high school.  Angie sees in each of these four individuals carrying a beautiful view of life that she wants to pass onto her daughter.  A recommended read for all!

One Step Too Far by Lisa Gardner

A recommended read for all thriller fans!  Where a young man goes missing and the journey to find him reveals the mysterious secrets.  Timothy O’Day disappeared at the bachelor party and left no evidence behind; his parents and friends look for clues to find him.  But there is someone out there determined to stop them from finding Timothy.

The Lobotomist’s Wife by Samantha Greene Woodruff

For those looking for a compassionate historical fiction, this is the read for you!  Ruth Emeraldine’s brother committed suicide after World War I.  After this experience, Ruth became determined her life goal would be to help anyone who suffered from mental illness.  Ruth then met Robert Apter, a doctor working on a treatment called lobotomy.  However, Robert falls into a delusion megalomania.  Robert’s next patient’s life depends on Ruth and whether she can save them from Robert.

Happy reading!