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Deciphering citation styles.  Confusion about proper APA citation format is cleared up by students who have used it so much they can do it in their sleep.


Thinking critically about PHIL 252.  A student who has just enrolled in PHIL 252 asks for course insight; another student summarizes expectations in terms of reading material and exam format (although it’s not clear whether they loved or hated the course; there seems to be no middle ground.)


We almost need a course on this.  A first-time exam writer can’t figure out the ProctorU end of things, and other students pitch in with advice and reassurances.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “It’s campaign time! Get ready to vote March 10-14 by meeting the 10 candidates who self-nominated for AUSU Students’ Council in the 2022 General Election! Find more candidate info at”