The Four Best Plants for Indoor Living

As March propels us into spring (albeit the snow), I’ve been looking forward to bringing more plants into the home.  Despite the long months of winter in Canada there are many different species of plants that are hardy, easy to care for, and create a beautiful addition to your home.  It’s becoming a key accessory in the house as seen in many interior decor recommendations and tutorial videos.

Even though fake plants are essentially 99% worry free, with the 1% from having to dust the plastic greenery a few times a year, there’s something about a living plant that makes it worth it.

I have to admit I’m not the best at taking care of living things whether it be pets (many goldfishes have died in my care sadly), and plants that were less hardy.  However, from my experience there are some plants that can very rarely go wrong.  Canadian indoors can be low in light due to long winters and dry due to the furnace being on all the time.  For me I’ve picked out four plants that thrive in these conditions well.


I’ve had this succulent in my apartment for almost a month.  They grow slowly and are healthy regardless if they are near a window or on my kitchen island.  I water them approximately once a week and even if I forget, there’s no sign of withering.  They are beautiful and easy to care for, making them ideal for the busy AU student.

Snake plant:

As the name suggests, these plants have long, blade-like leaves that stretch towards the sky.  The longer the leaves grow, the more of an accent piece they appear in the home.  They create an illusion of height and add some vertical lines into your home to contrast the boring horizontal ones from our furniture.  Snake Plants are a great beginner plant because they survive will in low lighting and just once a week watering.


I’ve always admired the bamboo in my parents’ homes as a teenager.  Every Chinese New Year we would tie a red ribbon around our bamboo adding a touch of class and festivity to the home.  Household bamboos grow in both soil and water and make it a versatile choice to keep in the home.

Monstera Plant:

The leaves of these plants are so famous that they have become common prints on bedsheets and cushions.  The monstera plant is one of my favorites.  I keep mine in the living room as it gives a welcoming vibe and almost tropical look to the home.  It is an excellent house plant because direct lighting actually scorches the leaves turning them brown.  I keep them further away from the windows but with enough light that won’t hit the plant directly.  Monsteras are very hardy and don’t need a lot of humidity.  They are truly a spotlight piece for my home.