Music Review—Everyone I Know Will Die

Artist: Kulick
Album: Everyone I Know Will Die

Pennsylvanian singer-songwriter, Kulick, has released his latest album, Everyone I Know Will Die.  The album combines heavy rock music with ultra-catchy pop melodies, resulting in a sound that he calls “all his own.” Everyone I know Will Die is available anywhere you get your music.

Of the album, Kulick says, “Without going into too much detail, this album practically wrote itself with life (and death) experiences.  I have always been obsessed over “why are we here, what is the point, and why do we die” since I was young.  It was the first topic I found myself writing about.

“I was forced to dive into it a lot again this year for the first time since then.  For certain reasons, I found myself in doctors offices and hospitals a few times a month, surrounded by others struggling with their own health.  I found myself being a caretaker to someone I couldn’t imagine losing.  I found myself having massive anxiety attacks about the health of my loved ones and myself.

“After months of struggling (and I naturally continue to still) I really started to realize that I have to accept that we have no control of anything besides our perspective, resilience, and attitude.  And then I wrote an album.  As I say in the last few lines of the last song of this album; ‘appreciate your time, cause everyone you know will die.  Say goodbye and kiss goodnight cause everyone you know will die.’ We are here until we aren’t, and that’s okay.  It has to be.  Make it worth your time.  Spread love.  Have gratitude.  You are loved and you are strong, even in moments you may not feel it.

I hope this album helps anyone going through any type of struggle, pain, or existential dilemma.  My music is not made to sit with and stay in personal dark times, but to visit those dark times for a moment and then see through to the other side.”

Everyone I Know Will Die consists of seven tracks: Necessities; The People I Know (Don’t Like Me); For Once in My Life; All I See is Red; Don’t Think About Me; Time to Go; and Everyone I Know Will Die.  Kulick has also released a music video for the title track.

I loved this album.  Kulick’s sound and perfectly pop-punk vocals remind me of Blink-182 or Simple Plan.  Kulick certainly found the balance between ensuring that every song is interesting, distinct from all the others, and creating a seamless flow to the album.  “Don’t Think About Me” is that must-have acoustic track for any pop-punk album, while the song “For Once In My Life” is slower, almost like a ballad.  “For Once In My Life” is very reminiscent of Simple Plan’s “Untitled.”

The title track “Everyone I Know Will Die” is hands-down my favourite song on the album.  I especially love the lyrics, “Don’t pretend that everything is fine cause everyone you know will die/Appreciate your time cause everyone you know will die/Say goodbye and kiss goodnight cause everyone you know will die.” This song perfectly captures the feelings of grappling with the uncomfortable fact of human mortality.  The music video for this song features Kulick in a retro home, surrounded by his Brady-Bunch-esque family.  While his elderly parents dance in their bedroom, his wife happily films a TikTok, and his son plays baseball, Kulick looks morbidly into the camera singing about how they’re all going to die.  My favourite part is that Kulick’s real-life girlfriend (and inspiration for the album) is featured in the video as his wife.

Overall, Everyone I Know Will Die is a phenomenal album with a beautiful meaning behind it.  Check out Kulick on his website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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