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Attention AU Students!
AUSU’s Spring awards application period will be open from April 1-31.

Visit our website now and check out the awards and bursaries open to AU undergrads this spring cycle.

AUSU is also excited to announce that our Spring Awards & Bursaries program will once again be doubled!

Spring Awards & Bursaries

Academic Achievement Scholarships (6 available) reward excellence in scholarship to AU students.

AUSU Bursaries (10 available) aid students with exceptional life circumstances in financial need.

Balanced Student Awards (8 available) recognize the effort of students balancing multiple commitments.

#Igo2AU Awards (4 available) celebrate student diversity and allow students to express their joy for knowledge.


New Student Bursaries (8 available) aid students just beginning their studies at AU and have < 6 credits.


Returning Student Awards (8 available) recognize students returning to university after 2+ years away.


Student Volunteer Awards (6 available) recognize students volunteering in their community.

Ep. 55: E-Safety First


Our VP Finance and Administration Leah Campbell talks to IT professional Josh Dedul about the online world and protecting yourself against scams. These tips will be especially useful for AU students given the nature of distance education and how we are all connected via the Internet.

Starring: AUSU VP Finance and Administration Leah Campbell and Josh Dedul

Here’s the latest monthly blog from your AUSU Executive Team!

Natalia Iwanek, VP Community and Wellness, gives an overview of AUSU committees and updates on the hard work they have done this term.

AUSU committees help shape the services, supports, and advocacy efforts your Students’ Union provides to all AU undergraduate students.”

Read the full post to find out about AUSU committees and how you can get involved.

Hey Nursing Students!

Allow us to introduce the Nursing Student Curriculum Committee, whose role is to help amplify your voices.

The current committee is made up of your

fellow nursing students, Alexander Si-Swires, May Bunn, Gagan Brar, and Leah Seaton, and

we’re excited to be hosting a Townhall meeting where students can share their feedback, questions, or concerns regarding AU nursing programs. The townhall meeting is available for students only, no members of faculty will be present.

The townhall meeting will be hosted via the Teams online meeting platform on April 12 from 6-7 p.m. MST.

Please email or for the Teams meeting link.

Join us and share your thoughts on how you would like to see improvements implemented within these programs. Please feel free to email Alexander Si-Swires for questions related to clinical, and Leah Seaton for questions related to the curriculum.

See you there!