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Time to stuff and fluff?  A student wonders how close to the number of required pages essays should be; responses suggest the 10% under/over guideline, but others say always check with the course tutor.


Bogged down by uncertainty.  Discussion in the #general channel is dominated by the possibility of labour action at AU, and what that could mean for students.


The waiting game.  A student is frustrated by a 3-week delay in marking.  Responders urge contacting course tutors whenever marks are later than standard.  Why wait?


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Applications for several  @austudentsunion  awards and bursaries, including the Academic Achievement Award, New Student Bursary, and the Student Volunteer Award, are NOW OPEN. #AthabascaU undergraduate students, don’t miss this opportunity to apply #Igo2AU.”