Vintage Voice

Unearthing Classic Articles from Previous Issues of The Voice Magazine

Buddha’s birthday, celebrated this year on April 8, commemorates the birth of the Prince Siddhartha Gautama, later known as the Gautama Buddha.  Buddhas (either “the” one or “a” one) featured in many vintage Voice articles.

Did she just say the “f” word?  Wanda Waterman makes a case for countering the seriousness of studies with some silly diversions.  “I don’t care what you say, farts are hilarious. How dull life would be without that bass clarinet blat breaking all the rules of social order.”  Ten Dumb Things Every Student should Boldly Embrace, November 4, 2016.

Books, boredom, and The Buddha.  Jason Sullivan muses on the nature of boredom.  “It’s possible that the very desire to flee from oneself and one’s boredom produces greater self-understanding.”  Fly on the Wall – This Thing Called Boredom, January 29, 2016.