Tips for Effective Spring Cleaning

Although it may not feel like it in certain parts of Canada, spring is upon us and there’s plenty of warmer weather days ahead.  Spring cleaning has always been an important part of many Canadian households; it’s a time when families put away the winter jackets, dust the fans and get ready for the warmer days ahead.  What are some tips to help this process be as painless as possible?  I have four tips that might help.

Make a Schedule

Typically, we don’t associate cleaning with schedules.  However, cleaning can be long and arduous, especially in a large family.  You may already feel overwhelmed before starting such a grand task.  Scheduling your spring cleaning may also help you make use of your time more effectively.  For example, when I clean, I can get distracted.  I get started with the kitchen counter before moving straight to the bathroom leaving my entire kitchen’s mess unattended.  Start with one room at a time then move onto the next.  It will save you time and a headache.

This is my own checklist for Spring Cleaning 2022 organized based on rooms in my apartment.

I’m always surprised to find the number of expired sauces and items in my fridge. Removing these removes clutter from the fridge.

Purge Items you Don’t Need

I have a bad habit of hoarding things.  It started with my parents using the basement as storage space.  With the extra space, our family hoarded items that would never be used (unless maybe if we were in the middle of a tornado!).  We’d have mountains of napkin boxes and cooking oil piled up along the walls.  I’ve since learned to forego some bad habits.  If you live in a small space like I do, purging items you don’t need daily is essential.  For example, if you have expired sauces in your fridge that you’re waiting to use, maybe it’s a good time to eliminate them.

Before starting my spring cleaning, I like to energize myself with some snacks and a tablet of anti-histamine medication to help alleviate those watery eyes from dust mites!

Take an Allergy Pill Beforehand (if you have allergies)

Living in Canada, many of us have allergies to dust mites, pollen, and a variety of other allergens.  If you’re allergic to dust, taking an antihistamine might be a good place to start.  Don’t let your immune system be the reason you can’t complete your spring cleaning.  I always like to start my cleaning routine with a cup of Earl Grey tea, snacks, a tablet of antihistamine, and some relaxing spa music to help me get started.

Get the Household Involved

Sorry folks, if you’re living by yourself or don’t have any family or friends who may be of help, this might not be the best tip for you.  When I conduct spring cleaning, I like to get my folks involved.  This might mean assigning a particular area for cleaning or giving clear instructions on cleaning one part of the room.  For example, I ask my significant other to clean all the time.  Getting others involved also helps them assume responsibility over ensuring the cleanliness of their living space.  When I was much younger, my parents would assign me a few tasks such as cleaning the hood fan or Swiffering the floors in the dining room.