Human Food for Dogs with Sensitive Stomachs

I have a 3-year-old husky and it’s been a handful for the early years of training and taking care of a large, energetic hound.  However, it’s been wildly rewarding, and I love treating my dog to food outside of kibbles and dentastix.  I find that my dog enjoys human food but has a weak stomach, which is not uncommon for many different breeds of canines.

Domestication has caused certain breeds to have sensitive stomachs as they no longer eat non-processed meats.  Unless your vet approves of a raw food diet for your dog, it can be difficult to get your dog accustomed to different types of food.  Moreover, some dogs require custom brands of dog food that help with digestion and better gut health.  For my Alaskan husky with a very weak stomach there are a few human foods that I prepare to help her have some variety in her usual diet of kibbles.  Check with your vet for any concerns you have with your dog’s health as not everything on this list will be a good human-grade treat for your pet.

White rice

This is something that will be safe for dogs.  It is bland, soft, and easy to digest.  Moreover, it contains a good energy source for the dog.  Make sure it’s cooled before serving and that you cook the rice soft rather than grainy.

If you want to feed your dog something simple and nutritious, white rice is great for a dog’s digestive system.

Boiled eggs:

Cooked eggs are a great source of protein for your dog.  Especially for my husky when she was sick with an eye infection.  I prepared a single boiled egg (fully peeled) for her to start her day.  It helped her recover and also improved her energy levels throughout the day.  Ensure you’re not cooking the eggs with any seasoning or spices that could irritate the dog’s stomach.

Boiling potatoes is easy when you use a pressure cooker.  Poke the potato to ensure it’s soft before you feed it to your dog.

Boiled potato/sweet potato

Similar to white rice, boiled potatoes and sweet potatoes are safe for dogs to eat.  They are light on the digestive system and have a good source of fibre (for both humans and dogs alike!).

Unsalted canned tuna:

While most canned fish have a high salt content, there are canned tuna and sardines that have reduced salt content.  I always check the label at the grocery store before purchasing a can that my dog could feast on.  Unsalted tuna or other fish in water is my go-to choice.  If I’m looking for a snack at night, sometimes my dog will benefit from my choices as well.  Look out for seasonings such as mayonnaise and other additives that may not be the best choice for your canine.

Lean chicken breast or turkey breast (cooked)

While this is the most expensive protein on the menu, it also has the highest source of nutrients.  When I first adopted my dog, I started feeding her a raw diet thinking it would help her live like a “wild dog”.  My dog loved the raw chicken breasts I fed her but would have diarrhea often since her gut could not tolerate it.  However, I’ve learned since to cook the chicken and help improve her digestion.  Now, she rarely has issues with cooked protein.  Again, like other foods on this list, ensure you’re cooking it without oils and spices as they are typically irritating to the dog.

When I meal prep sometimes, I will put an extra slice of chicken breast to be cooked for my dog.  She always watches me avidly while I prepare the chicken.

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