How to Inspire

Once, there was the belief that exceeding a four-minute mile sprint was impossible.  But one man broke it.  And then many others followed.  The view was that the belief was what made it possible.  But could it be something else—like widespread changing fitness or diet regimes?  Or maybe it was both belief and something else.

Whatever it was, it implies that anything is possible, if not today, perhaps tomorrow.

So, how do we take this view that anything is possible and use it to inspire?

Here are several grounds for inspiring:

Don’t focus on problems; focus on opportunities.  In other words, don’t dwell on the past unless it’s to see how you can improve.  And don’t dwell on anyone else’s past unless it’s to praise their positives.  Focus instead on opportunities in the present or future.

If you’re on fire, they’re on fire.  Be enthusiastic.  If people are revved up, they are in a good state of mind.  If they get positive feedback, they get revved up.  One positive statement can make a person burn with passion in pursuing a goal.

Listen and ask questions.  When people talk, they are revealing a piece of their heart.  Listen closely to hear what matters to them.  Ask them “how” and “what” questions to learn more of what inspires them Try to understand the individual, what they are lacking, and what will fill that gap.  When they reveal a dream or goal, encourage it with all you’ve got.

Inquire and care about their dreams.  What makes people tick?  Is it the love of learning, or adventure, or the musings over a beautiful sunrise?  Whatever it is, help set their passion on fire.  Get so excited about the other person’s goal that it feels like your own.  And if the dreams you inspire in others are worthy of a novel or blockbuster film, you’ve got the makings of a mentor.

Shine at whatever you do.  But don’t just shine, go for mastery.  When you master a task, however big or small, you become an instant role model.  Earned an academic degree?  Instant role model!  You’ve raised a family?  Instant role model!  Written a book?  Instant role model!  Hard work can take you anywhere.  But don’t just work hard; seek out the fastest way to do something exceptionally well.  Try telling yourself constantly, “100% effort is easier than 99.” And give it all you’ve got!

See only the positives in others.  By not judging others, we help them realize their higher selves—their true essence of pure love.  When people feel good about themselves, they are able to accomplish the skies.  There is never a need for a person to feel bad.  But there is always a need for people to dream.

Believe that others can achieve the impossible.  With practice, grit, and determination, anything is possible.  If it’s not possible today, widespread cultural changes may make it possible tomorrow.  The secret is to prepare!

You have nothing but upside if you first, set a goal; second, develop and execute daily habits to work toward the goal; and three, measure yourself daily and ask, “Am I getting closer to the goal?”

You can be anything if you’re willing to work hard and develop yourself!