How to Become a Superhero

Why do motivational clips almost always feature athletes? The discipline and effort required for top athletic performance is inspiring.  All superheroes are commonly athletic.  But other, lesser-known activities can require the traits of a superhuman also!  What traits are those?  Well, there’s a few that I can think of:

Go to bed and wake up at the same hours each day.  Doing so sets you up for a routine, and routines are the cornerstone of mastery and accomplishment.  But don’t just select a mundane routine.  Instead, make a detailed, extensive, and comprehensive list of activities you need to do to excel.  Challenge yourself with an intense, regimented routine.

Improve yourself every day.  Do not allow a day to go by where you didn’t become smarter, stronger, kinder, wiser, or a little more terrific in some way.  Make sure you stretch yourself daily by exercising, reading, learning, or accomplishing.  And the more you push yourself to stretch, then the more disciplined and more exciting you become.

Work out for super motivation.  Work your way up to exercising for at least an hour a day five or six days a week.  That is the minimum for a superhero.  But if you can’t muster that duration at first, then try simply walking a half hour back and forth across your hallway while watching a video clip on YouTube.  You can work up to running the hallway and then add weights and then buy a full-blown gym membership and go hard core.

Eat super foods.  Cut out all added sugars in foods.  That means avoid all sweets.  Remove all processed foods from your diet as well.  Remove all salty or oily treats as well, such as potato chips.  Instead, try to eat mostly raw fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, and organic whole grains or sweet potatoes.  Go a bit further and cut out all caffeine.  Eating 100% clean foods is easier than committing 99%.

Stay happy.  Discipline your mind to stay happy and always carry a smile on your face.  Keep your thoughts positive by refusing to see faults in others, by being empathic, and by seeking to unconditionally love the world.  After all, Mother Teresa was a superhero, in my mind.

Clean like a marine in boot camp.  In the marines, the toilet seat has to be so clean that you can eat a meal from it.  Schedule cleaning tasks four times a day every day.  In the morning, make the beds.  Spend half your lunchtime cleaning.  Clean immediately after work, and clean before bed.  Also, invest in a shoe rack, coat rack, book shelves, storage boxes, and other organizational tools.  They immediately brighten up the home.

Brush and floss daily.  Schedule in your calendar times for brushing and flossing.  Consider purchasing an electric toothbrush, as well.  I received a complimentary electric toothbrush from my new dentist, and I love it so much, I brush up to three times a day.  And floss twice a day, if you can.  My landlady at 80-some years of age had almost all of her original teeth due to flossing twice daily

Emphasize learning.  Getting a certificate, diploma, degree, or graduate degree is a superpower, isn’t it? An education not only makes you a better human being but also gives you greater resources for making other people’s lives a little easier.

Avoid all toxins.  Toxins are the vices of villains.  But you want to leave this world as a superhero, right? Toxins can reduce your chance of success at school, work, and in your relationships.  The best way to get sober and clean is to change the toxic addictions to healthy ones, like extreme fitness.  Also, stay away from toxic environments like bars, pubs, and dance clubs.  Instead, consider hanging out at churches, bookstores and libraries, or colleges and universities.

Develop wisdom and spirituality.  Spirituality or adherence to a religion is a superpower.  It can infuse you with wisdom and help you make healthy life choices.  In other words, religions and spirituality can help you know what constitutes a moral action and what leads to bad outcomes.

Set high goals.  Superheroes push themselves to achieve great things, most commonly for the benefit of others.  Great things like fame and wealth can be either constructive or destructive, however.  And sometimes more modest goals, like working at Tim Horton’s, can result in better outcomes.  The trick is to seek a healthy and moral outcome in whatever heights you climb by cultivating your best self.

Dress for success.  You don’t need to dress like a fashion icon to be successful.  Basic hygiene and basic care for one’s appearance can go a long way.  But if you want to go all-out, consider buying a wardrobe exclusively of three colors, such as red, beige, and black—or blue, white, and gray.  You’ll find it less expensive and easier to mix and match.  At least, that’s what a stylist advised me to do when I was in graduate school.

Learn self-defense.  Superhuman often have combative skills.  Consider taking up a martial art, boxing, wrestling, or basic self-defense class.  But try not to compete professionally if brain health is your priority.

Love unconditionally.  Superheroes would selflessly sacrifice their lives for the well-being of others.  That is a form of unconditional love.  Loving all others, no matter their flaws, even if only from afar, is a superpower.

In my mind, if you did even just one of these things, you’re a superhero!