Music Review—Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up)

Music Review—Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up)

Artist: The Aquadolls
Single: Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up)

California female rock trio, The Aquadolls, have released a new single and video, “Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up).” The song is available anywhere you get your music, and the video is available on YouTube. Their upcoming LP is scheduled to be released in the fall of 2022.

The band was formed in 2012 and consists of lead singer and songwriter Melissa Brooks, with Jacqueline Proctor on drums and Keilah Nina on bass. Their sound mixes indie, punk, surf rock, and vintage bubble-gum girl-group. The band describes their latest single as a “sultry slow jam compiled of surfy guitar with a heavy kick drum, hitting our heart strings with every chord.”

Frontwoman Melissa Brooks says, “This song tells the story of falling for someone and starting to obsess over them. It’s about imagining all of the things we could do together, both romantic and twisted, showing the darker sides of having a crush and longing for more to come from it.”

Before getting into the music—I have to point out that The Aquadolls aesthetic is adorable. Their Instagram looks like Euphoria meets The Hex Girls (the iconic witchy/vampire band from Scooby Doo and The Witch’s Ghost). I love a group of powerful, confident women coming together.

“Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up)” has the classic Gen-Z chill vibes that have gained popularity on TikTok. With highly relatable lyrics like, “If you’re feeling me for real/Come on tell me that you love me/And you always will/Even if you don’t really mean it/I wanna hear it still,” it’s no surprise that The Aquadolls have amassed over 23 000 followers on Instagram. Some of the other lyrics are NSFW, so listen with caution.

The music video begins with a girl sitting on the ground reading a book and falling asleep. She wakes up under a tree where a fairy takes her on a tour of a magical world. The video cuts back and forth between the mystical, pink-tinged images and footage of the band sitting on a bed, lazily playing their guitars and singing—their faces donned with expressions of slight boredom. While the video gives the vibe that The Aquadolls are too cool to care, it’s obvious that they put a lot of work into their art. Every aspect of their music and their brand flows together perfectly.

Overall, I really liked “Help (I’m Falling 4U and I Can’t Get Up)” and the accompanying music video. I can’t wait to see what The Aquadolls have in store for us next.

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