How to Burst with Confidence

With confidence, every dream you’ve ever considered can be realized.  Confidence is critical to gaining the extreme epitome of success you deserve.  But even if you’re not confident, simply act confident until your legacy takes hold.

But how do you act confident?  By believing in yourself, despite bad turns and pitfalls.  In other words, never quit.  Keep throwing stuff at the wall until your dream sticks, and to help you along the way, maybe these belief mantras will help.

You have limitless potential!  You have the power to achieve beyond your wildest dreams.  So, what is stopping you?   Tune out other people’s fears and limitations, and focus on your own improvement.

Nothing can defeat you.  You grow from challenges.  You are fearless.  Something that could potentially crush anyone, you are able to laugh off.  You say things like, “I can’t control the past but I can make positive choices today.” “I admit I failed there, and this is how I’ll grow from it.”

Your dream is exciting.  You pick dreams that you enjoy.  If you love acting, dream of becoming a big name in Hollywood.  If, like me, you love learning marketing skills, dream of becoming a Chief Marketing Officer.  If you love what you’re doing, then that matters more than the end goal.  If you had fun along the way, it won’t crush you if you don’t actually win the prize.

Your dream is worthwhile.  Your dreams are beneficial to others.  If you dream of becoming an actor, go to children’s hospitals in costume and light up a child’s face.

You can make the impossible a reality.  You dream beyond your present capabilities, even daring to dream the impossible.  A famous movie producer (James Cameron) would consider producing scripts that were, at the time, technically impossible to produce.  But when new technology later became available, he’d begin productions.  He made what was impossible possible through patience and perseverance.

Your values are impeccable.  Your values guide your decision-making.  They might include integrity, empathy, the will to succeed, service, unconditional love, or some other driving force.  But make sure the values you pursue are the ones that matter most in the end.  The idea is to identify the three biggest values that currently define your behavior and make them your legacy.  Of course, you can always add more values as you live and learn.

You have unlimited focus.  You flex your mental muscles more and more each day.  That means you memorize facts as soon as you encounter them.  That means you rehash your notes on your way to the store.  That means you treat your focus like a workout that grows more intense each day.  Push your focus to its limits—and then some.  If your brain aches at the end of the day, you’re on the right track—but may need a scalp massage.

You work hard and smart.  You adopt the processes that lead to successes.  For instance, if you are in the math department, study all day long for thirty-minute intervals followed by five- to fifteen-minute breaks.  Prioritize solving math problems over reading the textbook, using fully worked out solutions manuals as your guidepost.  Never let an uncertain assumption about a calculation occur without examining it to death until you find certainty.  Read all the questions on a math exam before solving a single question, and focus on the easiest questions first.  Buy high quality erasers and pencils.  The trick is to find any little advantage—and pounce on it.  Set yourself up for success right away, as success reinforces success.

The people in your life have your back.  Even if no-one has your back, I believe someone does—and that someone loves you unconditionally.  That person could be a higher power (think God) or your guardian angel or a deceased ancestor you may have never met.  I believe you don’t need a faith for any of this to be true.  But if you have people in your physical life who have your back, nurture those relationships with everything you’ve got.

You make excellent decisions.  Your choices in life are like online advertising’s artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.  In other words, the healthier the choices you make, the healthier the options life presents.  The more destructive your choices, the more unhealthy the options life presents.  But these AI algorithms are smart and will respond whenever you deliberately make a change.  To be healthy, the goals could be to eat healthy, get fit, work hard, learn something new everyday, nurture your character, love unconditionally, and work for the well-being of others.

You are deeply gifted in ways you may not yet realize.  Because you have unlimited potential, you have the ability to learn any skill you desire.  So, you have many gifts not yet discovered.  Does it mean you will be playing basketball with the top players in the world if you’re four feet tall and fifty years of age? I honestly can’t say no.  But it does mean you can gain a talent with basketball.

You focus exclusively on your positives.  Revel in your successes.  Focus on your strengths.  But if you are a runner and keep tripping on the 50-yard line, you’ve got to study how to turn that around.  Constantly review your progress, as the review-process acts like more reps in the gym.

You have the ability to acquire all the knowledge needed to succeed.  Say you want to learn how to code, buy a book on Coding for Dummies.  Start at the basics.  Work education in as a daily part of your process for success.  Hire coaches and tutors.  Hang out at libraries and bookstores.  Invest in courses, seminars, conferences.  Do all you can to become the top gun.

Internalize all of the above mantras to pursue dreams with confidence.  After all, you are a rocket ship ready to blast off into heights beyond your wildest projections.