Editorial—Will it Make a Difference

Ontario has re-elected Doug Ford to office.  Honestly, I don’t have much more to say on the topic, because I haven’t been following Ontario provincial news too closely, but from what I saw over the past several years, it seemed to me that Doug Ford finally stepped up to the plate when COVID-19 came to town.  His actions over the course of the disease weren’t perfect, of course, but his performance over most of it seemed, at least to me, to be pretty solid.  He also nicely managed to dodge most of what was sent to the fan during the Ottawa occupation, and, given the other options that were being presented, Ontarians were apparently good enough with letting him have another chance.

I say “good enough” because the voter turn-out during the election was extremely low.  That tends to happen either when there are no severely contentious issues hanging over the current leader, and those trying to take the job away don’t seem to bring enough to the table to make it seem like things will be much better if any of them get in.

Meanwhile, here in Alberta, Jason Nixon, former president of AUSU, has now taken over the role of acting Finance Minister for the province.  Mr. Nixon has some extensive familiarity with taking full advantage of being in an “acting” role, but the role of Alberta’s Finance Minister is likely one that is going to be under much more scrutiny from the press than he was when he was with AUSU.  So, while I expect the Alberta government will likely see no savings by having only one person in two ministerial roles, I don’t think we’re in for anything too visible to happen either.

In this week’s Voice, however, what’s very visible is our feature interview with fellow student, Cailin Rehill, who, like very many AU students, is currently working full time in the field she’s now simultaneously studying.

We’ve also moved the Local Shout-Out beyond Calgary once again, this time to explore some businesses local to the Toronto area.  And just because summer is here doesn’t mean you have the time to exercise like you know you should be.  But that’s where Xine Wang’s ideas for how to mesh physical activity in with a busy life-style might be helpful. The tip about how to park to increase your physical activity is such a simple one to integrate, for instance, there’s no reason why anybody shouldn’t.  And if all of you did it, I might even be able to get a parking space close to the mall, so there’s that, as well.

Also this week, we’ve got music reviews, events, scholarships, comics, advice and more.  But maybe that’s not enough for you?  Maybe you’re flipping through the magazine wondering where the story about your favourite subject is?  I’ll tell you, it’s in you, and we’re just waiting to get it here and publish it for everybody else to see.

So until then, enjoy the read!