Five Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity into your Busy Routine

Five Ways to Incorporate Physical Activity into your Busy Routine

One of my favorite workout apps, 7 minute workout helps me stay committed for small burst at a time. You can customize your workout that adds up to 7 minutes.

Sometimes the energy required to get off the couch is just too much.  It might be that you’ve had an exhausting day at school or work and you’re just looking to laze about until bed or it may be that you’ve had a feast and just looking for a nap.  You might be wondering how can I fit working out into my routine? Working out takes dedication, time and energy.  But when we’ve crammed out schedules packed with activity, how do we make time for it?

Here are few tips to incorporate working out into your routine without it feeling like too much of a commitment.

Workout for 5-10 Minutes at a Time

This is one of my favorite hacks for a quick energy-boosting workout.  If you’re an early riser this might mean a quick five-minute high intensity interval training session before breakfast.  It might also be a five-minute workout before lunch.  If you’re like me and get a bout of anxiety before bed, working out has been shown to reduce anxiety and insomnia.  It helps tire me out before bed so I can clear my mind for optimal sleep.

I live on the ninth floor of my apartment, and it certainly helps to run down to the basement level from my floor every morning.

Take the Stairs

If you have the option of taking the elevators or escalators, try taking the stairs instead.  Even if you don’t work out, walking up and down stairs helps burn calories and improves your leg muscles.  It’s a small change to your routine but over the course of a week, a month, a year—there’s a lot of added benefit.  This is especially true if you live on a higher floor of an apartment.

Run on the treadmill while you watch an episode of your favorite show

Sometimes, if we’re doing something passive such as watching Netflix or the NHL playoffs, it might be worth your time to work out while doing it.  You don’t have to move the entire time and burn off the maximum number of calories.  But the key is to keep moving.  Even if it’s jogging on the spot or doing pushups or jumping jacks for a few cycles, it helps improve energy levels and mood.  It wastes no time at all and helps you stay entertained while you workout

Park Further Away from your Destination

If you’re going for dinner at a restaurant, choose the furthest parking spot and walk from there.  It’s not a lot of exercise, but it certainly helps.  In general, this generation of people spend a lot of time sitting—starting from the office, to school, to home.  Sitting has been attributed to reduced metabolic rate, obesity, and higher blood pressure.  So any opportunity you have to walk somewhere, take it!

Being on my phone with my grandma for hours means I also can do some brisk walking while speaking with her.  Most of the time I’m just listening to her fun stories so I’m not doing much of the talking!

When you’re on a Long Phone Call, Go for a Walk

When I’m on the phone for a long time with my grandma, I like to go for a walk up and down the block.  Now with the weather moving to the positive double-digits, walking in the garden or down the street while having a conversation with a friend or family member could be a good way to incorporate exercise into your routine.

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