Pounce on Every Opportunity, Every Positivity—with 100%

Pounce on Every Opportunity, Every Positivity—with 100%

Opportunities are everywhere.  They are infinite.  They can morph into even greater ones, the more you give.  The number of opportunities available to you at this moment are mind-boggling.  When they come flying by, run to them with open arms, jump on them, and enjoy the ride.  Don’t let a single opportunity pass you by.

Jump on every learning opportunity.  Pounce on every single learning opportunity that will make your dream golden.  But also learn by reflecting on what you achieved, the conditions for those achievements, and how you can build up your performance every day.  Ask yourself, “What can I do to earn an A today?” or “How can I make the most money today?” or “How can I brighten someone’s day today?” or “How can I get better today than I was yesterday?” You are an eternal flower, so grow, grow, grow!

Psyche yourself every minute of the day for top performance.  Put mantras on your walls.  Set out to put a high level of passion and that perfect blend of excitement into what you do.  Of course, it helps if you love what you do or at least aspects of it.  If you don’t entirely love what you do, shift it up so that you can add components you are passionate about.  Strive to love your work more and more every day by putting your soul into it.  There is no limit on how big your love for anything can grow.

Positivity brings you closest to your goals.  Your work, studies, play, and relationships all require pure positivity.  This positivity comes through best with an upbeat tone of voice, excellent posture, kind words, and joyful action.  If you are not at peak positivity, enhance your mindset for optimal performance.  Focus exclusively on the positives.  Have a vision of your ultimate dream to guide you.  And revel in even the simplest joys.  After all, a “C student” who loves his studies can go further in academia than an A student who feels no passion.

Give your work, studies, play, and relationships all you’ve got.  Don’t let a moment go by when you’re feeling weary, worn down, or disenfranchised.  Make every moment matter.  Focus with hyper intensity.  Feed every task the highest levels of energy and quality you can muster.  Time and evaluate each high-quality activity to beat your best performance.  Reflect on what you can do each day to bring in the greatest mileage—and give it your 100%.

Recharge.  When you take breaks, plan them out so what you do brings you optimal joy.  Don’t let a break occur, say a two-week vacation, where you start to float mindlessly on irrelevant tasks.  Instead, figure out what joyful activities and R&R recharge your battery—and schedule them.  If doing aerial yoga on your hammock is exciting and relaxing for you, make time for its joy.  If reading a fiction book refreshes your brain, schedule its fun.  If sweating it out racing bicycles excites you, go for it.  Whatever recharges your spirit is vital for maintaining a positive mindset.

So there you have the route for optimizing opportunities.  If you can’t quite see the opportunities yet, keep plugging for the goal.  The more you do this, the more the infinite opportunities—that were there all along—will magically appear.