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GPA variants.  A student notices a difference between GPA on a transcript and GPA on DegreeWorks; responses point out that the transcript GPA calculation includes all courses, while DegreeWorks bases its calculation only on courses pertaining to the student’s program.


All on the same page.  In the #general channel, students discuss how to find out what materials are permitted during an exam, and how to ensure the invigilator also knows what materials are permitted.


@austudentsunion tweets:  “Snap a photo to show us how you are celebrating PRIDE Month and tag us! OR like and comment on the post to tell us how you’re celebrating! Win 1of 5 prizes – a $50 Amazon Gift Card, $50 Quilt Bag Gift Card, or 1 of 3 Proctor-U exam codes! Contest closes at 11:59 MST PM on June 19.”


Check out a “new way of doing research virtually using cloud computing” with AU’s IDEA Lab:  Redefining research.