Vintage Voice

Escalating gas prices have a trickle-down effect, and the consumer pays in many ways.  A glance back at our Voices past shows this isn’t the first jump at the pump.

It’s good for you.  Really.  Angela Pappas makes a case for the economics and health benefits of cycling.  “Now that it’s nice out and we’re all venturing outside like sun-starved zombies, for the few months we are afforded the luxury of above zero temperatures, I urge everyone to check out the local garage sales and pick up a nice set of wheels, helmet, and knee pads. ”  The Struggling Student Rants—Manpower or Gaspower, June 21, 2019.

When everything costs more.  Carla Knipe canvases the student community for tips on dealing with escalating food prices.  “Students definitely notice that their grocery costs have increased, which has led to making some tough decisions at the supermarket.”  A Student Has to Eat, March 25, 2016.