My Meal Kit (Hello Fresh) Experience

My meal-kits comes with fresh proteins vacuum wrapped and have plenty of icepacks to ensure freshness at room temperature.

Recently I had a busy streak at work and wasn’t able to commit to purchasing groceries, so I decided to try something new – Hello Fresh.  Hello Fresh is one of many meal-kit companies that offer to help inspire you to try new meals, reduce the work in meal preparation and also add some enjoyment to the process.

I did some research into the company first and it is actually a company based in Germany and now the largest home meal-kit provider in the USA.  I was hesitant to try it at first given the higher expense of each kit compared to cooking my own meals.  They are offering first-time chefs who sign up with them a free kit to try at home.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with HelloFresh or any meal-preparation kit companies.  This is 100% my own experience. 

Selecting the meals:

I was fairly impressed with the selection of menu items.  I have a preference for Asian cuisine, and I found so many different options, even vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb diets that suited different people’s diets.  I also liked that the user interface was quite simple and hassle-free.

I opted for the 4 people meal kits and I can take some leftovers to bring for lunch the next day.

Receiving the groceries

This process was relatively easy.  This brand takes care in delivering products that live up to its name.  I counted the number of ice packs in the HelloFresh box and there were 6 large ice packs that kept the meat and veggies fresh for 8 hours.  Given I was working during the day, it was sitting at my front door for half the day.  I was impressed with the packaging and how relatively eco-friendly it was.

The recipes are all colored and have easy-to-follow instructions. (Blur was added for copyright)

Preparing the meals

Preparing the meals was the part I dread the most.  I wasn’t a fan of spending an hour preparing meals after a long day of work.  Many AU students will appreciate that the preparation was actually fairly easy and fun! Most meals take about 30 minutes to prepare (depending on the menu you selected).  Moreover, having a colored menu in front of you with all the ingredients in the grocery kit you receive and step by step instructions that make cooking seem almost effortless is a huge plus.  I found that it really helped fuel some interest in exploring new cuisines and recipes.

My two-person portioned meals with a balanced carbohydrate, protein and vegetables.

Meal experience

I personally loved the meal kit experience.  The recipes made it easy for me to prepare and enjoy the meals.  As someone who always struggles to find the right ingredients or doesn’t think far enough ahead to make complex dishes, meal-kits are great at solving this headache.  I also liked that there are options for a two-person portion size and a four-person portion size which means that larger families can enjoy a portioned meal.  I found that the meal-kits also helped me portion out my food better (I have a tendency to eat more meat than vegetables) so it felt healthier too.

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