Craft a Bucket List

We all have dreams, passions, and joys, some of which we have yet to discover.  But to lure them out before we die, a bucket list may be in order.

A bucket list contains all the activities and events we want to accomplish before we die.  But I believe life doesn’t end at death; rather that the soul continues in another realm, and everything we do in this realm prepares us for our ascent to heaven.  In this light, it’s never too late to try something new.  Therefore, a bucket list is a perfect way to develop ourselves before we die.

With that said, here are considerations for a bucket list:

Try out a new sport or physical activity.  Many people long to run marathons, do aerial yoga, learn martial arts, dance, or play competitive soccer.  The sky is the limit to what sports you can try.

If you have ever admired a sport or fitness star, take note.  There is information in that.  Your sports hero could indicate what sport you are meant to play.  For example, I know a woman who ran a successful oil and gas business and taught fitness classes in the park during lunch hours.  That struck me as exciting, and, oh, did I admire her.  In fact, I wished I had done the same.

So, if you adore Bruce Lee, perhaps it’s time to try martial arts.  If you enjoy Mike Tyson, then maybe it’s time to try boxing, or if you admire ballet, try a dance class.  Once you get proficient, you can even enter fitness competitions for your age group.

Undertake a wealth-generating opportunity.  For instance, learn how to play the stock market.  Flip houses.  Get educated for a high-paying career.  Or make money from your hobby.  Any kind of passion you’ve ever had can increase your wealth.

One of my hobbies is learning marriage tips.  I’ve invested nearly two thousand dollars and countless hours in marriage education.  In addition, I’m about to take an instructor’s course that will certify me to be a relationship coach.  Thus, I’m turning my hobby into an additional source of revenue.

If you wish to earn six figures, nothing can stop you—mainly if you work hard, persist, and set your sights high.  So, consider adding an extra wealth-generating opportunity to your bucket list.

Perform a humanitarian activity, perhaps overseas.  You can help people in need overseas and get paid for it.  You can help strangers, family, charities—you name it.  If you are generous, you already know how much fun it is to give gifts, whether time or money.

Personally, I love to give gifts.  I learned it from my papa, who gave countless people countless gifts.  He taught me the joy of generosity.  Giving big tips, splurging to buy someone a high-valued item, and volunteering at charities—acts like these make ideal items for any bucket list.

Learn about religion or spirituality.  I believe spirituality is a must-have for any bucket list.  That’s because I also think life continues beyond this existence.  So, read self-help books or pick up a religious text.  Try out meditation or attend a church or temple.  Watch videos on near-death experiences or engage in prayer.  And do acts of kindness.  All these things can prepare you for your ascent to heaven, which I believe is your next destination.

I read the Christian Bible and books on Sikhism, Hinduism, and Buddhism.  I loved them all.  One unconventional book that impacted my spirituality powerfully came from The Marriage Foundation.  It taught me how to unconditionally love.  Unconditional love makes for a grand bucket list entry.

Pursue a childhood passion.  Whatever you’ve loved during your childhood helps inform your bucket list.  Was there a childhood game that kept you in its grips?  Well, turn it into something spectacular.

I loved art, fashion, media, and teaching as a child.  I also wanted to create a course, write music, and own a music studio.  These activities are meant to be on my bucket list.

What childhood passions of yours come immediately to mind?  They are meant to be on your bucket list.

Achieve an award, degree, or certificate.  Every bucket list should include the attainment of knowledge, whether it be an award, degree, diploma, or new skill.  Lifelong learning is the mark of an ever-expanding soul.

I watched near-death experience stories where people who temporarily died were greeted by angels in heaven.  Often, the curious angels were reported to ask, “What have you learned?” So, learn as much as possible, even near the end of your life.  I believe all your knowledge has implications beyond this lifetime.

Develop a musical talent.  Many people who have undergone near-death experiences report all of nature humming with beautiful sounds and angels singing gorgeous melodies.  These people also are exposed to beautiful colors that human words can’t describe.  So, developing talent in your final days may have implications for an afterlife.

I apologize to my atheist readers for the spiritual emphasis, but this article is about my bucket list.  Bucket lists are typically created when dying grows imminent.  Thus, I believe omitting discussion on an afterlife would be a disservice.

Even if these bucket list items seem unrealistic, you can twist them until they are doable.  For example, if you, like me, would love to enter the Olympics, perhaps weightlifting in your 80s might serve as an excellent substitute.  So, think big and adjust accordingly.