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Not everything can be learned online.  A science student wonders why AU requires in-person labs for some courses; an AU insider points out that AU courses must be equivalent to courses offered elsewhere, and transferable, so labs are required for some courses whatever uni they’re taken at.


When a prerequisite isn’t requisite.  In the #general channel, a student wonders if a course’s prerequisite can be bypassed; a responder suggests contacting the course’s coordinator to demonstrate that prior knowledge or education makes the prereq redundant.


Making the transcript connection.  A query about where to email electronic-only transcripts from another institution quickly produces the AU email address:


@austudentsunion tweets: “AUSU staff Jodi Campbell, Ashley Janes, and Duncan Wojtaszek sit down to reflect on AUSU’s first 30 years. 1992 was a time before the Internet but AUSU was still providing services and advocacy for students and to celebrate we’re hosting a party.”

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