Unconditional Love for Every Soul

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We all travel a lonely path at times.  It’s part of learning life lessons, I believe.  But there is always a way through the thick forest.  I think there is a way to find your true home, which can only be found in unconditional love.  Even if you’re on the street and left for dead, unconditionally love.

The revenge stories in the movies are myths.  They never bring happy endings, as happy endings stem from unconditional love, not hate.  Despite this, I believe God can use any situation for his purposes.  And if we give unconditional love to all, we are guaranteed to fulfill that purpose.

If you are in a war-torn country, unconditionally love.  That way, you’ll preserve your soul to its highest form.  Even if people attack you, consider doing as Jesus said and turn the other cheek.  Give the enemy unconditional love instead, forgiving with every fiber of your being.  Only then can the soul have the best opportunity to flourish.  If you live by the sword, you die by the sword.

A Buddhist monk might think our enemies have a karmic bond that we are meant to work out in this lifetime.  Given this, I believe the only solution to any past karmic disruption is to give unconditional love to everyone, especially our adversaries who do us extreme harm.  Any other solution falls short of what we’re meant to achieve in this lifetime.

There is an urgency to unconditionally love the people closest to us, like family, friends–and even enemies.  But this extends to people we merely pass by in our daily travels.  Everyone who comes into our life and everyone we pass by is meant for us to unconditionally love.  Never have an unkind intention toward another being–only unconditional love and a selfless forgiveness.  One tiny negative thought toward another being can cause a tornado of damage, but one loving thought can build paradise.

If someone is suffering, always take the time to draw forth unconditional love and a prayer for that soul, whether that person is a friend or foe.  I believe every moment of empathy must be filled with unconditional love and a bias toward prioritizing other people’s perspective over our own.  Empathy helps everyone grow.

Every mistake we make is a moment for us to develop inner beauty.  Therefore, treat our mistakes with unconditional love, as God can use any error for his purpose.

I believe there are angels all around us.  They can be human friends, pets, or other entities.  They are here to guide all of our hurts toward the realm of pure, unconditional love.  And every pain, every act of survival, must embrace the light.  We must release every fear that beholds us in favor of unconditional love.

So, don’t think of your pain and hurt when your soul is crushed.  Instead, think of the inner beauty of the perpetrator(s).  Celebrate their goodness, and most importantly, give them your unconditional love.  And no longer view them as perpetrators but as friends.  I believe there is goodness in every soul, for we are all essentially pure love.

So, love every being.  Care about every being.  Most of all, love all others, even if they don’t return the love.  But do keep yourself safe unless you intend your sacrifice to be in line with Christ’s crucifixion in the name of love.  After all, we must prioritize others’ happiness over our own to truly love unconditionally.

The Marriage Foundation says we only feel love when we give it.  That’s because when we receive it, we have filters that prevent much, if not all, of the love from reaching us.  But when we give unconditional love, there is no upper limit to how much love we can feel.

If you don’t know how to unconditionally love, start by saying aloud and with all your heart, “I love …” and fill in the blanks with every single name that comes to mind.  I believe every thought toward another being—toward all human beings—must be filled with the sentiment of “I care deeply about your welfare.”

Once you do that, start reading all kinds of religious texts, self-help books, books about saints, and books on near-death experiences.  These will help enlighten you on the wisdom needed to flourish with unconditional love.  But to start, just feel that love with no barriers.  It’s simple to do but oh so powerful.

Showing a little bit of compassion is better than showing none.  Showing a lot of heart is better than showing a little.  But the ultimate and very achievable state is showing nothing but unconditional love to everyone.  Many “enlightened” people have realized this state.  That enlightened state will bring you to your most genuine essence, pure love.

Unconditional love is the only real solution to any struggle.  So, unconditionally love everyone to discover your true essence.  When you love others, you also love yourself.  After all, you are love!

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