Editorial—Got a Need to Report?

August 25th is the next AUSU Council meeting, and it’s going to be a large one.  Having not met in July, this meeting includes the details of AUSU’s next budget, as well as the executive work plans and another look at the terms of reference for the indigenous circle.

If some of this sounds like some vaguely interesting stuff, you should consider taking up a job reporting on AUSU Council meetings for The Voice Magazine.  You’ll find out more about what your student union is doing for your money and be able to earn some spending money while you’re at it.

The commitment is to show up for the meetings which happen once a month and typically last for slightly less than an hour (though this one will be longer, I’m sure) listen to the meeting, take notes, maybe ask some questions, and then write up a report that helps students get an idea of what the important bits of the meeting were and what AUSU is doing for your fees.

If it sounds a bit daunting, not to worry, you’ll have plenty of support, both with me and from AUSU staff, and in return you’ll get a bit of spending money each month.  If you’re interested, whether in doing it or just finding out a bit more, than by all means, contact me.

While at the moment, the issue of Athabasca University vs. Alberta has died down as the UCP leadership campaign is heating up, that doesn’t mean that it’s gone. With only a couple of months before the university has to decide whether it will agree to the Advanced Educations Minister’s new terms, or suffer the financial hit from failing to meet the minister’s impossible and ludicrous goals, expect it to get new life soon.  While the minister has said he’s open to negotiating the terms of the agreement, he’s also stated quite clearly that he’s not changing anything about the goals he’s provided. Either way, the timeline the university has to do anything is quickly running out.

Meanwhile, in this issue, we start off with another student interview that has some great advice for students, this time from a student who spends what time she can travelling and making memories.  Find out more about her journey in this week’s Minds We Meet.

Plus, Alek returns with a look at how PTSD intersects with menopause and the menstrual cycle in general, with some advice for women about how to ensure they get proper help when they need it.  I’ve done some research on my own about how the medical profession has been failing women for some time, as diagnoses of certain conditions are different from how they’re done in men.  This is also echoed when it comes to diagnoses of those who are non-white.  And while the medical profession is starting to take notice of these problems, they still exist, so it can be important for you to know what to do to help ensure you get the right diagnosis.

Also, as summer starts to wind down, Xine Wang gives us a few options for how we might enjoy the final weeks when we’ve already used our vacations, or maybe simply don’t want to attempt to brave the airports and always changing flight schedules.

Of course, we’ve also got music reviews, advice, musings about the nature of our education, events, scholarships and more.  Enjoy the read!