Did you know the Voice Magazine has classified ads?  Probably not, because we never get any.  But it’s free for students who want to connect with other students for, well, whatever reason.

Fun fact, I was one of the people who suggested the Voice begin a classified advertising section way back in the day.  At the time, I was influenced by the University of Calgary’s paper, “The Gauntlet” which had its “three lines free” in the back where students would write various connection seeking messages.  Reading the messages of students seeking hookups with that guy or girl they spotted at the bar but didn’t get the chance to approach was always mildly entertaining.  And some witty students even made the section their playground over subsequent weeks, weaving a story of intrigue and betrayal between them.  I never did see how that finished.

Anyway, it never really took off with The Voice Magazine, especially with Facebook and other sites supplanting that need.  Why wait until Friday when you can post online on Tuesday and have it read by thousands by Thursday.  I get it.  But I still keep the page in the magazine, just in case.  If nothing else, it means your classified will eventually have a permanent place, as, last I heard, the PDFs are still being regularly printed out and stored in the AU Library.  At least, I don’t think that’s changed.

Letters are a similar thing.  It’s not often we get a letter, so I’m excited when we do, like we have this week.  Duncan W., inspired somewhat by the dispute between AU and the Alberta Government, has written in with his experiences with working from home in a well thought out letter to the editor.  He makes the point eloquently that a town shouldn’t need a government fiat to be popular, especially as more people start working from wherever they want to be, rather than wherever their employment is physically located.

And speaking of remote work, this week, our student interview is with a student who took his courses while living in Iqaluit, Nunavut, and who’s included some gorgeous pictures of the amazing northern lights that he gets the pleasure to see.  His story’s pretty cool if you ask me, and that’s not just a pun based on all the snow in the pictures, so check it out in this week’s Minds We Meet.

We’ve also got a personal reflection from Elisa this week, who once had plans to enter the seminary, but has since changed those and, in the course, found the love of her life.  It’s an interesting read, and though personally I have deep reservations about most religions if someone is finding satisfaction within theirs, and not hurting anybody else in the process, who am I to judge?

Finally, we’re featuring some tips as to how you can get yourself ready for the coming school year.  While that might seem strange for an institution with year-round enrolment, most students at AU still follow the traditional school year, if only because they’re taking an AU course in conjunction with their brick-and-mortar schooling.  Of course, we still have our regular articles, with advice, music reviews, thoughtful reflections, scholarships, events, and more.   Enjoy the read!