We Are Born for Non-Stop Happiness

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I believe we are meant to feel nothing but joy.  And I believe it’s humanly possible.  I think it’s possible to take every negative thought and turn it around.  In other words, switch the negative to the positive opposite.  And if any idea makes us feel bad, it’s negative and needs replacing.

Below are some negative thoughts, emotions, or traits that we can turn into positive opposites, thereby filling our souls with our rightful bliss:

Stinginess.  We need to stop any hoarding of wealth, time, or kindness.  The next time we have funds, consider spending a portion on lavish gifts for others, especially if it means we go without.  Buy new toys regularly to stimulate and develop a child’s brain.  Buy our spouse the clothes, makeup, or car she or he wants to keep up with the Jones.  Even take a big loan to buy someone you love a memorable vacation or training course.  Every time you have a stingy thought, splurge.  It’s crazy to think this way, but my income seems to grow with the more gifts I give.  And giving feels so good.

Embarrassment.  Embarrassment never feels good.  But there is a positive opposite that feels wonderful.  It’s called ownership or accountability.  But it’s not meant to cause us grief.  It’s meant to free our souls, to release us from our past pitfalls.  It’s simple to do.  Instead of resisting or fighting or denying something that causes us embarrassment, simply say to ourselves (but not others), “Yes, I did this.  I can’t deny it.  I understand how it is a source of embarrassment, but here is how I’m going to grow from this experience and improve my performance.” And then  we need to -feel love for ourselves because that’s the whole purpose of life: to learn, love, and, ultimately, learn to love.

Hatred.  Never hate.  Hate no one, not even those who maim or disfigure you or your loved ones.  Instead, love them.  The offenses others do are there for a reason: to serve as learning tools in our united journey towards love.  Do protect yourself, though.  But if you can find a beautiful place of love for even the direst enemy, you will experience an indescribable sense of peace, joy, and freedom.  After all, I believe our souls are all connected, even infused, as one consciousness.  What we do to another, we do to ourselves.  How we love others, we love ourselves.

Impatience.  Always treat the impatience of others with love.  Treat every flaw of others with love.  But do change our own tendencies toward impatience.  The next time we are left waiting two hours for a ride or one hour on the phone, we should do the opposite of impatience.  In other words, use that time to think beautiful thoughts about others.  Use that time to plan a way to light up somebody’s life.  Or use that time to speak blissful thoughts to our higher power.  Every moment is precious, never wasted, when we are consumed by joy.

Worry.  I believe there is no need to worry, as we are essentially made of nothing but love.  This world may shroud that love, as we are in physical bodies driven by survival mechanisms.  But the more we tap into our essence of love, the more we remove ourselves from all worry.  So, the next times we feel worried, fill our souls with the blissful energy of love.  As we embrace that bliss, the fear disappears.  Try it.  There is no upper limit to how much love we can feel for anyone.  Love is infinite.

Jealousy.  The opposite of feeling jealous could be to feel admiration and love instead.  For example, we should never feel bad if a rival is more successful than us.  Instead, we could muster up feelings of appreciation for the journey that brought the rival success.  We could also admire that individual’s beautiful and unique soul, as all souls are profoundly and indescribably stunning, no matter how this harsh world might scar the soul’s true essence.  And we could strive to learn from our rivals, as everyone has gifts to share.

But I think we must control our minds.  That means watching every thought, weeding out the negatives and replacing them with positive opposites.  After all, we are meant to be non-stop happy.  Happiness is a birthright if we only learn how to control out minds.