How to Control the Mind

We are meant for lives infused with joy, no matter what happens in our external worlds.  And our thoughts are guiding lights toward that bliss.  You are not your thoughts; your thoughts are drivers of your actions, so they must be controlled.  The question is, how?  I’ve found some answers that work for me, maybe they’ll work for you too.

Meditate.  Simply inhale through the nose, hold, and exhale through the mouth.  (The nose acts as a filter to remove unwanted elements from entering the body.) This will relax you and stock up your body with oxygen reserves.  You would quickly perish without oxygen, so the more oxygen supply you have, the more energy reserves you have.  Deep breathing also enriches the composition of your blood.  So, deep breathing has multiple benefits, including the ability to assist with relaxation and letting go of negativity.

Distract with something positive.  Listen to the birds chirping.  Sing a song.  Dance.  Think of your grandma’s apple pies, do whatever it takes to feel happy and “in the moment.” Just because a negative thought occurs doesn’t mean it’s meant to be part of your reality.  In fact, the only truth you should experience is one of joy, happiness, and love.  Think only uplifting thoughts.  It’s the reality you deserve.

Talk to God or a higher power.  You can talk to God anytime.  But speak to him with joy and happiness.  I’m sure he appreciates it.  And by talking to that ultimate being of love, your spirit uplifts and worries fall away.

Do the opposite.  If you’re fixated on a negative thought about school, focus on an optimistic view.  The balancing act is not meant to “balance” the negative with the positive.  Instead, it’s intended to replace the negative entirely with positivity.

Weed out anything unloving or unbeneficial.  If a thought is infused with love from the soul and is beneficial to you, your loved ones, and even the world, then it’s a thought worth having.  If the idea is not loving and fruitful, get rid of it immediately.

Don’t let thoughts snowball.  Change or bypass them right away.  But know unwanted thoughts happen to everyone.  The trick is not acting on them or getting carried away, particularly if they don’t evoke kindness or love.  As soon as you catch a terrible thought, change the metaphorical channel.

Create a happy ending to those thoughts.  Make that happy ending more compelling than the unwanted thoughtDeclare a statement that makes the negative avalanche lead to an upbeat, happy ending.  For example, if your beloved mom passes, and many unwanted emotions overwhelm you, then think of a happy ending.  Perhaps your happy ending is the thought of her watching over you as your angel.

Smile.  Let out a power smile everywhere you go.  Infuse it with love for everyone.  I like to smile at people while thinking about how much their guardian angels must love them, assuming there is such a thing as guardian angels.  If you don’t believe in guardian angels, just think of how beautiful the person truly is, as everyone is an eternal expression of beauty, even when in the rough, in my opinion.

Be guided by big goals.  If you have passion-infused plans, it’s guaranteed they will keep you from tripping into unwanted thoughts.  Big, glorious dreams will keep your motivation high and ensure you stay on the right path.  Negative thoughts seem to fall away when the light shines on the desired goal.

Send love to all.  Go within your beautiful soul and draw forth all the love you can imagine.  Send it out to the world—shine it on everyone and everything which comes to mind.  If you train yourself to give unconditional love, there is no shortage of love within you.  And you can release that love right now to its uttermost heights with minimal effort.  Try it!  It’s fun!

Everyone has things to work on, and stopping negative thoughts is one of them.  Replace negativity with positivity, and feel your joy rise to its intended limitless heights.  After all, unlimited love and joy are your birthrights.