Editorial—Breaking News

This week, we’re changing things up a bit, as you’ll notice we don’t have our student interview Minds We Meet, and that’s because of students like you.  Or more specifically, because of a lack of students like you. If you don’t know, we like to present an interview of a new student each week, it helps give us a sense of community both for Voice Magazine readers and AU students in general.  And it gives me a reason to have some fun Voice swag sent out to students.  But this week, we’ve simply run out of student who want to be interviewed.  This means it’s a great time to jump in, as you can expect your interview to show up very shortly after you give it, and you can proudly tell people that you’ve been published!

So if you’re willing to share your story, get in touch with mwm@voicemagazine.org. Who knows, you could be featured in a future issue, help form the AU community, and get some nifty goodies at the same time.

And while we’re asking about you, this week our feature  article is one from Elisa, where she asks you the burning question, what should we do? Is there some aspect of the experience of disabled people you’ve wondered about but never really had anybody to ask?  Well now you do.  Or maybe you’ve got some suggestions about other topics she might be willing to take on.  If so, check out her article and drop us a line through the email link there.

We’re also featuring an article that gives us a bit of insight into our Minds We Meet interviewer and her experience with learning new languages.   She also has some tips that might be able to help you learn a new language as well.  Having a second language is almost always a bonus on your resume, as it means there are that many more customers you can speak to, so it’s worth a read.

Plus, Alek returns this week with a quick look at Bill 21 in Quebec, and how it affects “The Best Our Society Has to Offer”.

But beyond the features, our regular writers have put together some good stuff as well.  In particular, don’t miss out as Marie Well makes some predictions about the upcoming metaverse, and what we can do to get prepared.  I don’t know how accurate her predictions will be, but it’s got some interesting ideas of ways you might gain some new skills that won’t hurt even if Web 3.0 never fully comes to fruition.

Also, the Fly on the Wall uses the recent news of the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the instantaneous transformation of Charles from Prince to King as inspiration for his latest foray into how all things relate to AU in one way or another.

Of course, we also have music reviews, a recipe from Chef Corey that, frankly, I think looks delicious, advice from Dear Barb, scholarships, events, social media reports and more.  Plus, Xine Wang has an article about why we shouldn’t shirk on vacations, which makes for a great segue for me to let you know that there won’t be a Voice Magazine at the end of September, as I’ll be taking a brief break to celebrate my latest trip around the sun.  September 30th would have been the last Voice Magazine of September, but now, instead of layout and editing, it’s going to be about birthday cake and, well, birthday cake.  Do you really need anything else?

At any rate, enjoy the read!