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The GPA variations.  Answers to a query about GPA clarify that Program GPA includes only courses applicable to the student’s program while Transcript GPA includes every course taken, whether applicable to the program or not.


Who let the zucchini in here?  Conversations about funding, submitting course work on the final day, and MuchLearning are overtaken by an extensive thread on zucchini recipes.


The library comes to you.  AU Library joins the student-run subreddit feed and schedules an Ask-Me-Anything event for Wed Sep 21.  Any registered users of the AU subreddit will be able to ask questions of the AU Library starting from noon MDT.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “ICYMI: #AthabascaU is very proud to announce that the 2022/23 Writer-in-Residence is Myrna Kostash. Kostash will devote most of her time to writing while also serving as a resource to #AthabascaU learners, faculty, and the writing community at large .”