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Bags of time.  Seeking tips on balancing full-time work with a full-time course load, a student benefits from others who are doing, or have done, the same, and who can manage to take the time to share their insights and suggestions.


There’s more than coffee percolating through the lounge.  Discussion threads in the #coffee-shop-lounge include hurricanes, Alberta water, carrier pigeons, and demanding/expensive babysitters.


Exam suspense.  A student wonders what would trigger an integrity review for a recently-written exam.  Responders offer much head-scratching and guesses, but the situation remains perplexing.


@aulibarchives tweets:  “Missed one of our webinars? Don’t worry, we post our recordings on our Youtube channel so you can watch, re-watch, pause and follow along at any point during your studies.”