Editorial—Back for Good

Welcome back!  I hope you were able to find some interesting things to do while we were gone for a week, maybe you got just that little bit of extra course work done, or you realized how much of a routine you’ve fallen into and vowed to stretch out of it.  Either way, we’re back and I hope you are too.

That’s especially true this week, because we’ve got a number of really solid articles. So much so that, I found myself debating which three should be ‘above the fold,’ as they say, and featured on the Voice website.

Naturally, our latest student interview is right up there.  A new student all the way from Singapore who not only decided to take her education in Canada, but to come here herself?  Of course her story needs to be featured.

Then we’ve got an article with some helpful tips for students who are just coming into AU.  By now, I hope the new September cohort is starting to get their feet under them and have found The Voice Magazine.  If they haven’t, maybe this is the article to draw them in.

But the third article had a number of contenders.  In the end, I went with a look at “The Future of Democracy”, a plea for us to move away from tribalism, dodging both populism and fake activism to take us into the next century with a better, more equal democracy. Given the results of the recent election in Alberta, it seemed particularly relevant.  Populism has given us a leader who tried and failed to get elected in her own riding by claiming she will create a law that makes Alberta above the law, ignoring the contradiction implied therein.  The moment politicians start claiming we need to start ignoring laws is the moment when we need to be seriously concerned about keeping our democracy intact (because what is democracy, but laws enacted to sublimate violence?)

However, it could also have been the latest article from Elisa, where she considers the shedding her metaphorical armour to present her real self, or the most recent Fly on the Wall, which, this week, has a great exploration into a way that we can get even more out of our courses than we normally would, in part by trusting such a thing as destiny and choosing to step away from our routine.

Then we’ve got a music review that has me wishing I would have grabbed the advance copy download myself (I’m sorry, but you compare anybody to Joan Jett favorably, and I’m going to want to give it a listen); the latest Course Exam, this time with the author’s personal experience in the course giving us all the details; or there’s the Three Tips on Preventing Burnout, something that I’m sure every student needs.

And that’s just the stuff that I thought about featuring as being extremely relevant to Voice readers this week. Then we have the usual selection of articles, both those that go up throughout the week, and the rest of the articles that I save up to give the Friday issue some punch.

Put it all together, and this is going to be one of the issues that I think features heavily in our Best Of edition next year.  But, in any event, whether it’s the articles you come for or the scholarships, the events or the advice, or really anything else at all, welcome to this week’s edition of The Voice Magazine.  Enjoy the read!