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YouTube U.  A plea for tips to help understand BIOL 204 material leads to the Amoeba Sisters channel on YouTube.  Kinda makes you want to check it out, even if you don’t take BIOL.


Scrolling for motivation.  A lengthy discussion in the #general channel about various ways students motivate/prepare themselves to commence work on a big assignment/project.


Dialing back the anxiety.  Worries over the required phone interview has a student hesitating to enrol in course WGST 333.  Replies suggest the call is closer to a pleasant chat than a phone quiz, and nothing to be anxious about (other than the phone thing.)


@aulibarchives tweets:  “Library chat will now be open 3 days a week! From 10:30am – 2:30 pm MT Tuesday-Thursday! Pop in with any questions you have. #AULibrary #distanceEd #librarychat.”