Seven Tips on How to be a Love Bomb

According to Oxford online, love bombs are lavish affection meant to manipulate or influence others.  Yet, a woman wrote to The Marriage Foundation, complaining that her husband was love bombing her.  In response, Paul Friedman of The Marriage Foundation, where I’ve been taking lessons, said, “Why not just enjoy it?  That’s how a Marriage should be all the time when it’s operating properly.” In other words, all relationships are meant to be perpetual love bombs!

I aim to become a love bomb, giving lavish affection to my loved ones!  Might you, too, wish to strive to be a continuous burst of love?  If so, I’ve taken the four ideas from The Marriage Foundation I like best and three from myself to advise on how to be a love bomb:

Here are my four favorite tips from The Marriage Foundation:

Bring your loved ones everywhere with you in your mind, like a devoutly religious person would God.  Holy people may communicate nonstop with God within their minds.  They may ask God for advice, inspiration, or answers.  Similarly, take your loved ones with you in your mind everywhere you go.  Let them guide your every thought, word, and deed.  Love bomb them with praise, compliments, admiration, and affection in your mind.  It’s not, “Wherever you go, there you are”; it’s better expressed as, “Wherever you go, there your loved ones are.” Make your mind your perpetual love bomb bond.

Pray or think of all the nice things you wish for your loved ones.  And then help them realize those ambitions.  At the very least, if you want nothing but happiness for your loved one, then give them the conditions for joy.  That means never complaining, criticizing, condemning, blaming, or teasing.  It just means serving as a purely positive love bomb.

Dwell on all the finest attributes, talents, and gifts of your loved ones.  And don’t dwell on anything else, especially any perceived flaws.  Instead, minimize their weaknesses by seeing those faults as “cute,” “sweet,” or even “adorable.” Ensure that everything they do inspires yet another launch of love bombs.  After all, love bombs are as delightful as Cupid’s arrows!

Say in your mind, “I love you because …” and fill in the blanks, but follow up with, “But it’s so much more!” And belabor this line of thought.  You are with your soulmate, and the basis of that bond is more profound and mind-boggling than any human explanation can articulate.  After all, you and your loved one have a karmic bond that will last an eternity.  So, spend your lifetime love-bombing them.  This lifetime is your chance to do so!

Here are my own three personal favorite tips on how to be a love bomb:

Make Valentine’s Day super exciting.  Even plan it out five years in advance.  I’m a risk-taker; I may acquire a loan so that I can indulge in giving a mind-blowing gift.  Or, when finances are stretched, it may mean collecting gifts over a while so that Valentine’s Day is extra lavish.  Valentine’s Day is intended for extravagant gift-giving with no expectations of anything in return, I believe.  After all, selflessness is the hallmark of unconditional love.  And love bombs are meant to be selflessly lavish.

Praise your loved ones’ every thought, word, and action.  For example, if they bake cookies, lavish them with praise.  Tell them how amazing their cookies taste.  Encourage their baking talent.  Let them know they have an innate gift for baking.  But appreciate the baking not just because you are the recipient but because your loved ones now feel so good about baking cookies that they want to bake them all the time.  Praise everything they do, even finding the positive flipside of things they do that have bad outcomes.  Now, isn’t that a win-win love bomb?

Seek every opportunity to serve your loved ones.  Do they like a clean house?  If so, schedule cleaning three times a day!  Do they like a massage?  Study up on massage techniques.  (If he or she’s an athlete, I’d recommend trying out a Gua Sha kit.  It’s otherwise called Graston knives. But do get the technique correct.  It looks scary but feels great.) Do they like home-cooked meals?  Enroll in baking classes, perhaps through Sunterra Market.  Do they appreciate having an advisor?  Enroll in problem-solving and critical-thinking courses.  The sky is the limit to how you can serve your loved ones.  And if being a love bomb means you acquire new talent, you’ve just won the love bomb lotto!

The whole point of love bombing is to be one but expect nothing in return.  Selflessness is the cornerstone of unconditional love.  And being a perpetual selfless love bomb is, in my mind, the ideal way to love.  But think again if you don’t have the energy to be a perpetual love bomb.  It is like an ever-exploding fireball that grows as readily as a wildfire.  But it’s not fire; it’s love.