Music Review—Colour In The Grey

Artist: Dancing On Tables
Album: Colour In The Grey

Scottish power pop band, Dancing On Tables, has released their debut full-length album, Colour In The Grey.  The album is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.

Of the album, the band says, “It feels like the last 3 years of our life have all been building up to this album.  You can hear the journey that we’ve been on as a group as you go through the tracks, with stories of love, happiness, loss and frustration sang on top of a sound that we have worked hard to define by combining our original rock influences with our favourite modern music alt-pop styles.

The album is a collection of songs that were put together over a time where as musicians, we were suddenly stuck at home after being used to being on the road for most of the year.  Like most people, it was tough for us to stay motivated during this, but working together (remotely) on music was the highlight of each day and left us with over 70 tracks to choose from for this album.

For us, writing and recording this album really was the ‘colour in the grey’ of every day life at this point.”

Color In The Grey consists of ten tracks: How Do I Get Back to Her; Breathe; Better Off Friends; Sing Along; Letters; Bubblegum; High; So What; Shock to the System; and Rollercoaster Love.  Two of the songs, “How Do I Get Back to Her” and “So What” have music videos available on the band’s YouTube.

Dancing On Tables reminds me of a combination of The Beach Boys and Weezer.  Upbeat, sweet pop with a plethora of vocal harmonies, tinged with notes of indie or rock vibes, depending on the song.  The band has certainly stayed true to its name—Colour In The Grey is the kind of album you can’t help but dance to.  The lead singer’s voice is easy, pleasant, and relaxing to listen to.  You can also hear small pieces of his Scottish accent coming through in some of the words, which I love!

My favourite song from the album is “How Do I Get Back To Her?”—an adorable song about missing an ex-girlfriend and wanting her back in his life.  The track “Sing Along” is another incredibly catchy, sweet love song.  The band sings, “You’re the part of the song/that’s been stuck inside my head/Keeps me up all night long/when I try to go to bed/But it’s fine, I’m not opposed/You’re the one I want the most/So I’ll sing along.”

The final song, “Rollercoaster Love,” stands out against the rest of the album.  This song is a slow piano ballad describing the pain of loving someone in a long-distance relationship.  The band sings, “The planes, the trains, that we run to/They have split my heart in two/But I’d still give both pieces to you.”

Overall, I loved Color In The Grey.

Check out Dancing On Tables on their website, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.