Building a Spiritual Metaverse

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How do you build a Metaverse?  I’m an amateur.  I’m still struggling to figure out how to use my Metamask Wallet to buy NFTs and cryptocurrencies, and it’s all quite confusing.  And the best way I can explain a Metaverse is that it’s like having your avatar in a 3d video game with other real people but with digital money.  And you bet businesses will inhabit it, too.  And you might end up with a business in the Metaverse.  Or you might be an employee in a virtual Metaverse office like that proposed by Facebook.

I’d like to build a spiritual Metaverse.  It will be an escape into a heavenly universe.  I don’t know exactly how to create this or how to fund it just yet, but the following are the clues and thoughts I have to that end:

First, Decentraland, a Metaverse where you have avatars and can buy and sell land, is currently more of a barren land.  I saw a shocking statistic that reported hardly any visitors for 24 hours.

As well, I’m learning an engine for creating a Metaverse that involves programming and design.  It’s called Unity.  I’ve brought in a free industrial world plug-in and will buy a cheap character that does things like walk, shoot, die, and jump.  However, my unity coach, who lives in Pakistan, does not know how to use Unity to create a Metaverse.  We may make a virtual reality world with Unity, although he seems reluctant.

Next, I found a coach on Fiverr, I believe from India, who offered to teach me how to use Unity to design and program a metaverse.  Unfortunately, he wants to charge me $100 US an hour.  I’m currently trying to barter him down to a lower rate.  But for him to create the entire Metaverse would cost $15,000 to $30,000.  I don’t know how I’d fund this Metaverse other than to try to raise funds on Kickstarter or perhaps a “blockchain” fund-raising site if one exists.  I think a blockchain relies on multiple servers worldwide (rather than one central server) to maintain a database.  I can’t say much about the blockchain with 100% certainty as I lack the knowledge.

Additionally, I downloaded an App from the Playstore called Metamask.  I haven’t purchased anything with the Metamask wallet.  I’ve been frightened by all the messages asking me to confirm that I agree to the risk of having my wallet hacked.

Tonight, I meet with another Fiverr coach for two hours to learn about blockchains, smart contracts, and NFTs.  He’s a blockchain programmer.  He’s also a student in India, and we had to extend our deadline due to his exams.  I’m not sure what to ask him or what I’ll learn.  I’m going to see if he can help me enter the Metaverse called Decentraland, which requires I create an avatar.  At least, that way, I’ll know what a Metaverse looks like.

Most importantly, I have a friend who is famous on YouTube.  She has had four or five near-death experiences and reports entering heaven each time.  I offered to reimburse her cash to describe in detail what heaven was like.  I hope to reproduce her description in my Metaverse.

But I have so many questions.  How do I prevent destructive events in my heavenly Metaverse?  And do I restrict free speech?  Do all the free downloads of characters in Unity come with guns and death poses?  Or do any come with spiritual qualities?  How do I fund this Metaverse, and if I build it myself, how long might that take?  What role do cryptocurrencies play in the Metaverse?  That’s a tiny sample of the questions confounding me.

Whether I build the Metaverse or not, it’s a learning experience.  So that in itself is worth the effort.

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