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Less flex in exams.  A discussion about an exam marked past-due reveals that, as of June, there is now only a five day window on either side of the requested write day with AU to reschedule an exam with ProctorU (or other invigilator.)


Windshield-repair capital of Canada.  You never know where the threads will go in the #coffee-shop-lounge!  A request from a new Calgarian for local-business tips results in detailed discussions about windshield repair, and out-of-province vehicle inspections.


Open-ended.  A general question about students’ experience with AU prompts answers that vary in length from three words to multiple paragraphs.  AU students love to share their highs and lows.


@AthabascaU tweets:  “Has #AthabascaU allowed you to achieve things you never thought possible? Enabled you to reach your educational dreams? We’d love to celebrate your accomplishments in our Transforming Lives: Learners of AU series (and in return give you some sweet swag)!”