Great and Noble Love

“Great and noble thoughts upon which you habitually dwell become great acts.”
~ Joseph Murphy ~

I went from crying daily for over a year to my present state of laughter and joy.  In part, it’s because of the two-hour exercise stints, which just feel incredible.  But mostly it’s because I’m learning to love and appreciate the magnificence of your soul—and every other soul in the universe.

When I wonder who you are, I believe that God is overwhelmed with love for you, whether you believe in God or not.  I know that your journey had heartaches, disappointments, triumphs, love, and dreams—all of which, the good and bad, were essential to your “becoming.” And I believe every step you took and every soul you touched was divinely accounted for before you were born.

That you are even reading my article has been divinely ordained before we arrived in this world—at least, that’s how I see it.  So, it’s important to me to keep my thoughts tremendous and noble as much as possible throughout the day.  That way, when I write to you, I’ll have a message that I hope helps you realize how utterly stunning your soul truly is.  I want to show you how truly magnificent your life has been.  And I want to reveal your ultimate eternal purposes: to love, learn, and feel joy.

It takes great effort to keep the thoughts happy sometimes.  It takes having no expectations of others and loving others immensely no matter what they do.  It also takes letting go of ego and worldly attachments in favor of selfless love.  And it takes deep gratitude for every soul in existence.  That’s because every soul combined forms the most beautiful mosaic and song, I believe.

As a Christian with influences from multiple other religions, I even believe the purpose in hell is to love every soul within that realm.  That’s because if those banished souls were in heaven, they, like everyone, would flourish when basked in pure love.

I believe that, depending on our mindset, we act as receptors to specific thoughts, as all thoughts have energy.  Thoughts, to me, are like radio waves that we receive when we are on the “same station.” These thought waves may be what Carl Jung, the famous psychologist, referred to when he introduced the concept of “collective consciousness.” This consciousness, he proposed, stores all the experiences (and perhaps thoughts?) sent to us by “signals” from the universe.  Therefore, I also believe we must scrutinize and filter every signal we receive to choose only the most love-filled ones.

So, it’s essential to constantly assess each thought, rejecting the bad and nurturing the noble.  That way, we manifest beautiful views.  To do this requires 24-7 vigilance.  It involves learning not to judge anyone and not to feel jealousy, anger, shame, fear, or anything dispiriting.  It takes constant growth that stems from allowing only positive and uplifting thoughts, where we entertain only the ideal in everything and everyone.  More than that, it means focusing on the sheer beauty of who you are, my reader, and who every soul truly is.

No one is more valuable than anyone else.  But the absolute truth is everyone’s value is nothing less than pure, incredible, infinite love.  And you, my friend, whatever path you’ve walked, are more beautiful than even the forests in heaven, although they, too, are infinite love.