Music Review—Old Shoes

Artist: Maggie Cubillos
Single: Old Shoes

Singer-songwriter Maggie Cubillos has released her debut single, “Old Shoes.” The song is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.

Maggie was raised in Southern California, and the 21-year-old currently attends Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  According to Maggie, she has spent her entire life on stages, beginning with local musical theater productions and talent shows.  She went on to join her high school choir and nationally recognized A Cappella groups.  Her song writing is influenced by artists like Adele, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, Sara Bareilles, and Coldplay, who have all inspired her indie-pop sound.

Of the single, Maggie says, “Old Shoes is about embracing change and moving forward.  I wrote it at a time in my life where I felt like everything around me had shifted and I had to decide whether I should stay afraid or embrace it and grow with it.  I think writing this song helped me realize that sometimes change isn’t as scary as we think and there’s so many good things that can come from it.”

As a huge Pitch Perfect fan, I was super excited that I was about to hear some aca-awesome A Capella music.  Alas, I had no such luck.  I would classify “Old Shoes” as a combination of folk, pop, and country.  The song reminds me of Taylor Swift, which isn’t overly surprising because Maggie has covers of Taylor Swift music on her YouTube channel (and really—who isn’t a Swiftie these days?).

Maggie has a nice voice.  It’s soft, airy, and feminine.  If you’re looking for a song with a lot of oomph behind it, “Old Shoes” isn’t it, but it’s a lovely song nonetheless.  With lyrics like, “Am I the only one who’s scared to fall asleep at night/when my self-conscious confirms the thoughts I try to hide/Tell myself it’s the monster under my bed/Every time/But I think/I’m the monster that just creeps up inside,” Maggie presents a raw, vulnerable portrait of herself.  A line that specifically spoke to me (and maybe anyone else who has ever been in a toxic relationship) was, “Wish it wasn’t this easy to forgive and forget.” I can absolutely picture myself sitting in a quiet breakfast café, sipping my cappuccino, while listening to this song.

Overall, I really liked “Old Shoes.” It’s a sweet, heartfelt, easy-listening song.  I hope Maggie continues to explore music and has fun coming into her own as an artist.

And if “Old Shoes” isn’t your thing, or you were just really hoping to hear some A Capella music, Maggie has several A Capella tracks (featuring Maggie singing every part) on her YouTube channel.

Check out Maggie Cubillos on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.