Editorial—Getting to Know You

AUSU is in the last week of its annual student survey.  They do this every year to see what services students like and don’t like, and try to get a better idea of what common priorities are held by as many AU students as possible.  If you haven’t filled it out and you are a current AUSU member, you should take the few minutes to do so.  Not just because you have a decent chance of winning some gift cards to Amazon, a local grocery store, or to get your ProctorU fee covered when it’s time for your exam (and with 20 prizes available and the number of surveys they typically get, your odds of getting something are way better than pretty much any other free contest you might find), but also because they really do need the input.  Developing new programs is always a risk, as Council found when they recently decided to cancel their Vmock service that was supposed to provide you with resume and career assistance. There just weren’t enough people who were interested in the service to justify the costs.  With your input, perhaps the next program they establish won’t meet the same fate.

Also, by filling out the survey, you, who are obviously a Voice Reader get a chance to tell them that you’re one of the students who uses this, whether for procrastination, entertainment, or maybe you’ve taken advantage of some of our specific content, and applied for a scholarship you didn’t know about before, used a Voice recipe to decide what to make for supper, or just dug back through the archives to see what students were thinking about over 20 years ago. (Honestly, it hasn’t changed much, which is interesting in and of itself.)

So go, spend a few minutes of your time to help them figure out what would best help you, and maybe put in a plug for the magazine while you’re there.  Worst case scenario, it was something else to procrastinate on.  Best case scenario, you can now afford that hardcopy text you’ve been hoping to get and find out a few months later that AUSU has set up something that is exactly what you need.

Meanwhile, this issue brings us a Minds We Meet with our own music reviewer and writer Jessica Young.  Find out what she’s doing when she’s not listening to new music, and get some study tips from someone who made it all the way through to her degree.

We’ve also got a new article from Elisa Neven-Pugh, who is reacting to her government’s recent cut of support for people with disabilities.  She makes some heart-wrenching calculations and is looking for you to add your voice in a call to dignity.

Plus, if you’ve been watching the news, you may have seen some stories about the fall of cryptocurrency values and companies, and Alek Golijanin has some theories about just why that might have happened.

Plus, of course we’ve got recipes, advice, scholarships, easy ideas to keep the chill of winter outside where it belongs, and some thoughtful stuff to keep you thinking.

Enjoy the read!