Six Ways to Warm Up This Winter

A warm bowl of veggie soup helps increase core temperature when you come from the outdoors.,

Winter is upon us, and many parts of Canada are now fully cloaked in snow.  As someone who has a higher metabolism but a low body temperature, I’m always cold!  Even in the fall, I would have my thickest sweaters and turn the heat to above 20 degrees.  Now that the temperature outside has been dipping to subzero, I have been looking for ways to stay warm indoors.  If your energy bills have hit all time high, it might be worthwhile to find other ways to stay warm this winter.  Here are some tips that help me warm up when coming indoors from the cold.

Hot Showers and Baths

This are my favorite things to do when I come home from the cold.  Generally speaking, my hands are clammy and my feet are frozen when I come in.  But when I take a hot bath or shower, I instantly warm up and the circulation in my body returns to normal.  If you’re looking for a fast way to stay warm, take a hot bath immediately when you get home and you will be feeling warm before you could turn your thermostat up.

Exercise Indoors

After sedentary activities, such as watching Netflix or browsing the web, I often like to do a quick 10-20 minute workout to speed up my heart rate and increase my core temperature.  While there is some resistance initially to change to my workout clothes, the aftermath of the workout is truly rewarding both from a mental and a physical perspective.

Drink Warm Soup

I love making my favorite butternut squash soup or any kind of soupy noodles or stew in the winter.  Drinking warm tea even can help warm up your hands and whole body.  Some of the easy and quick soups I make include chicken noodle soup, laksa noodle soup and Italian wedding soup.  Drinking warm fluids and food also increase metabolism which causes your body to burn calories creating heat.

Get a Heated Blanket

This is something that I was eying for years.  It initially was a popular buy for many work-from-home employees and even gaming hobbyists.  When you’re sedentary for a long period of time, a heated blanket will warm you up quick and easy.  It’s a great investment and can be purchased online or at a Walmart.

Layer Up

If you’re working from home or just relaxing at home, it may be worthwhile to layer up on the shirts.  There’s no shame in wearing a few layers at home or having thick fluffy socks to keep your toes warm.  I love wearing teddy jackets and fleece leggings at home in the winter.

Baking to stay warm is one of my favorite winter pastimes

Cook or Bake

If you’re cold, cooking or even baking can help you warm up quickly.  This works in two ways.  Firstly you are near a heat source such as the stovetop or oven, and secondly when you’re eating the sizzling food you made, it warms you up as well.