Music Review—Monsters and Angels

Album: Monsters + Angels
Artist: Nervous Eaters

Boston rockers, Nervous Eaters, have released their new album, titled Monsters + Angels.  The album is available for streaming anywhere you get your music.

Nervous Eaters were originally formed in the mid-1970’s, eventually becoming the house band for the legendary Boston punk club, The Rathskellar (better known as The Rat).  The band dissolved after releasing a disappointing debut album, but they returned in the mid-80’s and have been consistently revived with new lineups ever since.  The current version of Nervous Eaters was formed in 2018.

The band consists of four members: Steve Cataldo on lead vocals, lead guitar, keyboards, and percussion (also the only remaining member from the original lineup); Brad Hallen on bass, vocals, and percussion; Adam Sherman on guitars and vocals; and David McLean on drums and percussion.

Of his long career in music, Cataldo says, ““It’s what I know.  I’ve been doing it since I was 12.  I started out on the drums, but didn’t have enough control so I moved to guitar and started singing and writing.  You get out there and do it.  It doesn’t matter what vein of rock ‘n’ roll you’re in.  If you’re creating art, it’s just in your system and that’s what you do.”

“I’m not a physicist or doctor – you know, the things your parents would like you to grow up to be,’ Cataldo adds.  “I’m like a little grasshopper that fiddled his summer away in the Nervous Eaters.”

Monsters + Angels consists of ten tracks: Wild Eyes; Superman’s Hands; Hop Sing Said; Chad; Want You Like Before; Tear Me Up; Last Chance; One Thousand Ships; Evilynn (Zombies and Sapphires), and End of the World Girl.  Several of the songs have music videos, including “End of the World Girl”, “Superman’s Hands”, and “Chad”.

Nervous Eaters sound like ZZ Top combined with The Rolling Stones, with a mix of every other 70’s rock band.  I did enjoy the song “End of the World Girl,” but overall, the content of the album is pretty unoriginal.  If you’re really into 70’s rock (or remember seeing the band perform at The Rat) I’m sure you would enjoy Monsters + Angels. 

After listening to the album, I made the mistake of checking out the band’s music videos on YouTube.  Every single video is at least 50% comprised of footage of random young women in swimsuits, dancing, doing gymnastics, or just generally looking sensual.  Considering the band members look to be in their 60’s-80’s, it’s a pretty creepy vibe when all of these young women could be their granddaughters.  When you pair that with lyrics like, “I’ll give you 200 bucks if you do me all right” (from “End of the World Girl), it really starts giving the ick.

Personally, I don’t think I’ll be listening to the band again.

Check out Nervous Eaters on their website, Facebook, and Instagram.