New Year’s Resolution to Earn Six-Figures

The New Year is swiftly approaching, and what better time to consider a New Year’s resolution than today.  I have a New Year’s resolution you may want to adopt.  It is to earn a six-figure salary.  And I hope to achieve it within two years.  Whether you have a disability, live in poverty, have insurmountable hurdles, or all of the above, know that a six- or seven-figure income is ideally yours.

My strategy is to earn an additional $15,000 by New Year’s 2024—and work upward from there.  I plan on doing this through relationship coaching and online course development. I’ve enrolled in every course that The Marriage Foundation offers, including their TMF Counselor course, as I find their teachings fantastic.  I also create courses daily in my career role.

But not that long ago—over two years ago—I was in poverty with a disability pension, barely able to afford a banana on some days.  Five years earlier, I could scarcely cope with three disabilities.  The first disability I don’t want to mention.  The next was extreme anxiety, and the final was a debilitating chronic disease.  I spent at least one day a week nauseous, lying in the washroom.  There was no way I could work.  But I still applied for jobs.

So, what changed?  My circumstances changed through knowledge, risk-taking, and a quest to heal my world.  These elements can change anyone’s world.

First, I had to get out of the poverty mindset and take risks.  Being on a disability pension felt safe.  But it led to an inability to afford the essentials of life, like food and entertainment.  It led to a dependency on the system, which prevented me from realizing my potential.  It served many valuable purposes, too, however, such as basic sustenance.  But the workforce is where all the “goodies” exist: higher pay, opportunities for professional development, and a social network.

Second, I overcame my disabilities through knowledge.  I did it by reading countless books on anxiety and diet.  I tried out every anti-anxiety strategy that I could find.  I tested the most extreme diets, like the one in the book How Not To Die.  I also paid for superfoods by incurring debt on my credit cards.  And then, after years of doing this, I cured myself enough to re-enter the workforce.

Third, I overcame my limitations in my career.  Due to years of combating anxiety and illness, I fell behind in skills development.  So, I worked extra long hours in my career while spending my free time learning work-related skills.  I didn’t exercise or engage in any activities not immediately work-related.  And I hid my disabilities from my employer and colleagues.  Once I gained the necessary work skills, I delved again into exercise and other passions.

Fifth, I pursued my passions.  These passions are the basis for how I plan to earn six figures in two years.  So choosing work that reflects those passions is essential.

With that said, on New Year’s Eve, you may set your sights on a six-figure salary or higher or some other dream.  Everyone can realize big dreams.  For instance, I know a young girl once labeled a vegetable who has the potential to earn six figures.  We truly have no limitations.  Every human being can aspire to unbelievable heights.  And once the six-figure goal is reached, why not aim higher?

After all, money is not evil if its primary use is for helping others or gaining knowledge.  But you may have a different view, and whatever your opinion is, it’s the right one, at least until you change your mind.  And then, when you change your mind, your new view is the right one.  Whatever you desire to achieve, New Year’s Eve may be your catalyst.

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